Total - 2
12 Weeks
Experience: 14 Years Experience
BA from Delhi University
Expert in: Bollywood Choreographer, Trained in Various Dance Styles
Associated to: Fuel Dance and Fitness Academy (Founder and Chief Choreographer)
Level: Intermediate
Weekly: 2 classes
Duration: 60 mins
12 Weeks
by Ashish Singh
10 Weeks
Experience: 11 Years Experience
3 Years Diploma In Advanced Business English, Hotel Management, Catering & Applied Nutrition from SAMS Institute Of Business & Hotel Management Bachelors In English Literature & Tourism Studies from Indira Gandhi National Open University
Expert in: Living in Brazil since 3 years & has native level fluency in Portuguese
Associated to: English Teacher Ashish Language School
Level: Beginner
Weekly: 2 classes
Duration: 45 mins
10 Weeks