Total - 2
16 Weeks
Experience: 20 Years Experience
BA English Hons from Delhi University Certificate In Italian Language from Centro Studi Italiani, Bologna, Italy Certificate in Teaching English as Foreign Language from I to I, Leeds, UK Certificate course in Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment from ICELP-Israel, Italy Certificate course from Jolly Phonics Certificate in Teaching English Grammar from Asian College of Teachers
Expert in: Experienced language professional
Level: Beginner
Weekly: 1 class
Duration: 60 mins
16 Weeks
12 Weeks
Experience: 14 Years Experience
BA from Delhi University
Expert in: Bollywood Choreographer, Trained in Various Dance Styles
Associated to: Fuel Dance and Fitness Academy (Founder and Chief Choreographer)
Level: Intermediate
Weekly: 2 classes
Duration: 60 mins
12 Weeks