Total - 9
by Chiara Lo Faro
15 Weeks
Language Diploma: Italian, English, French, German: Final score 100/100 from Liceo Linguistico "Archimede", Acireale, Italy Piano performance - final mark 8/10 from Conservatory B.A. Political Science and International Relations. Final score 108/110 from LUISS Guido Carli International University, Rome, Italy Music theory and rhythmic reading, solfège, transposition, rhythmic singing, sight reading, melodic dictation. Final mark: 9/10 from Conservatory Diploma in history of music from Conservatory Diploma in complementary harmony from Conservatory Musicianship specialization from Berklee Online M.A. Sociology of organisations and public action from Université Jean Jaurès, Toulouse Teaching popular music in the classroom from Berklee Online
Level: Beginner
Weekly: 1 class
Duration: 60 mins
15 Weeks