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Intermediate Level Carnatic Music

by Arun Subramaniam

Intermediate Level Carnatic Music takes place over 52 weeks, consisting of one 45 minute lesson each week. This course is designed by Arun Subramaniam for students who are ready to continue their musical education at an intermediate level after receiving a basic education in Carnatic style and tradition. After this course is completed, students will be ready to move on to an advanced Carnatic music course.

  • Course Duration52 Weeks

  • Course LevelIntermediate

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

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Educator Profile

Arun Subramaniam

35 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:
    Carnatic Music

Course Details

Intermediate Level Carnatic Music will cover all essential intermediate topics including raga and tala classification, musical forms, practical theory and more. Arun Subramaniam, called Arun by his students, is a well-established musician and educator with the passion and practice necessary to create dynamic, interesting and challenging lesson plans. With a profound love of traditionally pristine Carnatic grammar, Arun’s highly sought teachings are sure to lead the next generation of profound musicians. Arun will be available to teach one-on-one to students during weekly 45 minute online courses to ensure each student is developing their skill in a timely and professional manner. Arun’s lesson plan for this course is appropriate for all students, whether seeking a musical career of their own or a simply developing a musical hobby.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: O.S. 'Arun' Vaidyanathan is a renowned musician well-known for his sonorous voice and superior stagemanship. He inherited his love for music from his father and began his training at a very early age. Arun finished in the top of the Sangeetha Shironmani diploma course in Carnatic music conducted by the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at Delhi University. The wide repertoire of music he has produced has earned Arun a keen following of musicians and fans. Today, Arun serves his community as an educator in the tradition of Carnatic music, as well as working closely with a choir he established that celebrates the traditional grammar of Carnatic music through their highly attended performances.

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