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Online Jewellery Design and Illustration Course | Beginner Level


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‘Online Jewellery Design and Illustration Course for Beginners’ - is an OnliVe (online + live), 5-week course. Taught by Rashmi Garg, this course allows students who have little or no knowledge of design to develop the creative skills to master jewellery artistry and built their designing skills. It would also help to represent their ideas on paper by exploring different techniques of jewellery making. This would help to represent their ideas on the paper by exploring different techniques of jewellery. This course’s curriculum will also include adequate knowledge of the techniques of graphic representation, from freehand sketching techniques to descriptive ones.
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    Course Details

    This course is for Beginners, where your instructor for the course, Rashmi Garg breaks down all the most important tools, in the easiest way. The curriculum begins with techniques that are required in order to improvise the enrolled student’s sketching speed for an efficient workflow. After learning basic tools and techniques we have created assignments for each and every session, so it increases confidence in you. The class covers all the necessary topics which a beginner requires in order to understand jewellery. Through this class, students will also receive some projects and will cover the following topics and concepts: 1.Freehand sketching of different types of lines and shapes for improving designing and sketching speed.2. Object Drawing 3.Light and Shadow 4.Shading with pencils & colors 5.Rendering and Illustration of 3d metal surface 6. Color Aesthetics & Philosophy: Understanding colors how to apply them on metal and gemstones. 7.Basic geometry for drafting and drawing different cuts of gemstones and diamond 8.Motif Development 9.Element and Principles of Design 10. Diamond Gemstones: How to do a realistic rendering of precious stones by using and steadier colors and mediums 11. Jewellery Decorative Techniques: Representation of decorative techniques: Filigree, enameling, twisted wire engraving, etc, textures on paper 12.Stone setting: The importance of setting in jewellery and their types and various options available for designing jewellery products and how it affects the look of any design. 13.Components of the jewellery artifact 14. Illustration of Jewellery Products in Gold, Diamond gemstones 15.Using effective tracial techniques to design pendants, understanding symmetry in making different styles of pendants 16. Using repetitive linear tracing to make different styles of bracelets and bangles in gold and diamonds 17. Understanding the size and ergonomics to design different styles of earrings from front view 18. Illustration of various styles of rings in diamond gemstones 19. Illustration of necklaces depending on the classification made on the height and build of the wearer 20. The final representation of the portfolio. About the Teacher: The instructor for the course is Rashmi Garg, a talented professional who has years of experience in using the software Procreate and teaching digital jewellery design to students from all walks of life for the past 3 years. Rashmi’s course of ipassio covers all the hidden tools and gestures beginners need to make creating digital illustrations easy and fun.

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