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Live Online Yoga Classes | Traditional Approach Of YOGA


These are one-on-one Live Online Yoga Classes.  During the 16 one-hour sessions, your instructor, Deepali Sharma will cover a multitude of basic hatha yoga poses, especially Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation to help students to learn and understand the basic practices of yoga. In this course, students will improve their flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance. This course is open to everyone no matter their experience level and all of the movements and poses can be altered so that students of all abilities can benefit from Hatha Yoga.

  • Course Duration16 Weeks

  • Course LevelBeginner

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

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  • Google Hangout

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1 Class = 60 minutes

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Educator Profile


6 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:
    Passionate Practitioner, Online yoga classes, Positive Approach
  • Education

    Bachelor in Yoga & Naturopathy from Uttarakhand Open University

    6 months Foundation course in yogic science from JaiRam Ashram Haridwar

  • Work Details

    MindFit Studio Trainer - Be Curefit

    studio head trainer - JingBo Yoga company, Shanghai

    group head - Indonesia festival, Bali

Course Details

This course will help you understand the basics of yoga practice. The concept of HATHA YOGA [Traditional Form Of Yoga] focuses on asanas and pranayama. Thus, its aim is to master the practice of body postures and control one's breath. This practice will help in enhancing the concentration of the mind, healing the mental health, and strengthening of the soul. 

During the course, which consists of 16 one-hour-long sessions, Deepali Sharma will teach students a multitude of basic hatha yoga poses, focusing specifically on the Sun Salutation and Moon Salutation.

To help students understand the basic practices and poses of yoga, Deepali will cover movements that all levels can follow and later to their own specific abilities and needs.  In this course on Hatha yoga, she will focus not only on body postures but also on important breathing techniques. These techniques are just as important as it can allow the student to experience greater flexibility and strength over time by learning to breathe into poses as well as releasing stress and anxiety. Regular practice will also improve the student's stamina and balance.

This practice of yoga benefits both the body and mind and if practiced often, it can help to strengthen muscles and bones as well as achieve improved flexibility in the body. The use of breathing techniques and gentle meditations relieves stress and gives the student a sense of serenity.  This course is open to any student wishing to learn hatha yoga, no matter their experience level. Every pose and movement Deepali will be teaching can be altered or scaled so that students of all abilities can benefit from the class.  In this course, yoga practice will include core practice, flow practice, and flexibility.

About the InstructorDeepali Sharma is a new but very talented yoga teacher in India and she has been practicing the art of yoga since 2014. Her belief is that yoga is as much about discipline as it is about positivity. Deepali considers Yoga not just as a form of exercise and mediation, but as a lifestyle; completely allowing the practice of yoga and the disciplined nature of the practice into her life. 

She has personally organized around 3000-4000 classes and workshops in Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, India, and Shanghai. She has a keen interest in Ashtanga Vinyasa practice and particularly enjoys the skill involved in practicing balancing postures and flexibility practice.


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