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Online Bharatanatyam Dance Lessons for Children

by Dr. Rekha Raju

This eight-week, beginner course will introduce children to the dance form Bharatnatyam, on an OnliVe (online + live), 1-on-1 basis. This course, taught by Bharatnatyam dancer and choreographer Dr. Rekha Raju will educate the young students about the dance form as well as teach them about 10 basic adavus, involving the basic standing postures, hand gestures, and foot movements.  These lessons will begin to culminate when students start performing these adavus to a shloka. Students after completing this beginners course in Bharatanatyam, walk away confident, having learned the basics adavus of this dance form.

  • Course Duration16 Weeks

  • Course LevelBeginner

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

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  • Skype

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Educator Profile

Dr. Rekha Raju

25 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:
    Basics Bharatanatyam
  • Education

    Ph.D in Dance from Mysore University

  • Work Details

    Artistic Director - Nrithya Dhama Temple of Fine Arts

Course Details

This basic course of Bharatanatyam for children (Age of 6 and above) will train the enrolled students on the nuances of essential postures, foot movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions that form the core of the Bharatanatyam dance form. In this course, the beginner students will get introduced to the origin and development of Bharatanatyam. The teacher will teach students the core concepts of adavus, training them on 10 fundamental foot movements of Bharatanatyam, including the 3 basic postures using the lower half of the body, i.e posture with the legs together, the half seated posture, and the fully seated posture. Moving on further in the course, the teacher will also teach students 10 fundamental hand gestures or mudras pertaining to the Asamyukta hasta meaning that which is done using single hand or one hand gestures, of the 28 in total. The next module will teach students 10 hand gestures or mudras pertaining to Samyukta hastas which means two hand or double hand gestures, of the 23 in practice. Further on, in the course the students will be trained on getting the different aspects of adavus, i.e foot movements and hand gestures, all in sync, to perform to a shloka. 

About Dr. Rekha Raju: Identified as a child prodigy after entering dance school at the tender age of 3 and a half years, Rekha Raju has come a long way. After refining her skills as a Bharatanatyam dancer Dr. Rekha Raju has devoted most of her time to Mohiniyattam, a dance form popular in Kerala. Perhaps her birth in Palakkad, Kerala could be the possible reason for her interest in Mohiniyattam. Raised in Bangalore, the gifted artist now runs Nithya Dhama, a dance school in Bangalore. Amidst this hustle and bustle, Dr.Rekha Raju successfully completed her Ph.D. in dance from Mysore University studying Margi and desi techniques of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam.


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