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Simple Singing Basics Course

by Ellen Smith

Over the course of six weeks lessons, students will learn all of the essential simple singing basics in this course, taught live with Master Voice Coach, Ellen Smith, online via Skype. These simple singing basics are incredibly easy to learn but are highly effective when used correctly. A singer with any experience level can attend this course and it is important for any and all singers to know the basic techniques as well as learning challenging ones later.

  • Course Duration6 Weeks

  • Course LevelBeginner

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

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  • Skype

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Educator Profile

Ellen Smith

30 Years Experience

From: United States

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:
    professional singer
  • Education

  • Work Details

    Master Voice Coach - Ellen Smith Voice Studio

Course Details

During the six 30-minute lessons, students will learn following basic singing techniques:

Vocal anatomy, which looks into how the voice produces sound and what vocal cords look like. Students will learn about the basic knowledge of the vocal cords, the body parts of the head and neck as well as the inner workings of the vocal cords. This will create a deeper understanding of how it all works inside and how it changes as the student exercises and learns new skills.

As well as proper breathing, how to breathe when they sing, what the diaphragm is, how it works and where they should breathe in each song, students will learn how to breathe with diaphragmatic support. This is essential for the voice to work properly to sound full and rich.

Ellen will also teach students about airflow when singing and how vocal cords vibrate to produce the correct sounds. Students will also discover how to change the sound of their voice by controlling airflow.

Learning the correct mouth positions when singing is vital, and by making adjustments to the mouth position, a singer can produce richer vowels with better clarity. As such, students will practice "True Vowels", learning exactly what they are and how they can help students with singing. This will also include diction exercises.

Discovering how to care for their voice is important for creating a healthy voice and body, so students will also be taught how to help their voice through sickness or vocal fatigue.

Finally, Ellen will also teach various vocal exercises to students that are appropriate for their voice. She will also give students stretching and breathing exercises to help them grow and strengthen their voice.

About The Teacher: After starting her first working band as a teenager, Ellen Smith was able to rise through the musical ranks as a lead vocalist, songwriter, session singer, producer, jingle singer and stage show manager. She has performed with multiple bands as a lead vocalist, including for many country, pop, jazz, rock, and blues bands. Ellen eventually became a successful solo artist worldwide under the stage name "Eliana."

With over 30 years of experience as a professional voice coach and singing instructor, she has taught children and teenagers as well as adults. Ellen has also worked with celebrity recording artists and other dedicated singers in her career.


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