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Violin Lessons For Beginners & Intermediates | Hindustani Classical Style

by Anjali Rao

This 1-on-1 long term course takes place across 1 session of 45-minutes weekly, over 36 weeks.  This course is aimed at introducing students to the stringed instrument, violin, and playing it in Hindustani classical style. Students enrolling for this course will also get to practice exercises based on different ragas. Further on, students will get introduced to the tala system. The later stage of this course will introduce students to basic aalap or the opening section of a north Indian Hindustani classical music performance and improvisations.

  • Course Duration36 Weeks

  • Course LevelBeginner

  • Instruction LanguageEnglish

  • Classes Taken21

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Educator Profile

Anjali Rao

25 Years Experience

From: India

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    Violin, Basics of Violin, Violin For Beginners, Violin Lessons

Course Details

This long term course is designed for students interested to learn to play Hindustani style of music on the string instrument, violin.  Students will learn about the different parts in a violin, like a fretboard or neck, strings, the bow, pegs etc.  Further on students will be taught the right posture when sitting down with a violin. The different styles of holding the bow and the placement of fingers on the fretboard. Students will also learn about tuning the violin.  Next up students will get introduced to playing the violin. They will first be taught the crucial seven notes sa, re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni. Students will be made to practice the seven notes before moving on to exercises that will make them play the notes in ascending and descending order. Students will also learn alankars or foundational exercises for beginners as they are easy to grasp and play. 

This course introduces students to the important element in Hindustani classical music called tala or rhythmic cycle of beats. Students pursuing this course will get to learn multiple ragas and their relation to the different times during the day - Raga Bhairav, Raga Bhopali, Raga Kirwani, Raga Durga etc., Moving ahead in the course students will get to learn alap on their instrument. Since alap provides scope for improvisations, students get to practice these improvisations. Students through the period of this course get to learn different techniques of playing the violin in order to get them more accustomed to the instrument. Learning different techniques will prepare students to play complex compositions in the future.

About the Teacher: Anjali Singde – Rao Ji was awarded a Sangeet Alankar degree in classical music and also a grade of “B High” in All India Radio & performance artist of Doordarshan. Her first foray within the field of classical music was through teachings by her mother Sou Neela J.Singde and father Shri. J. S. Singde. Through their guidance, she continued with music and was fortunate enough to be taught by masters of Pandit Madhukarao Godse and Atulkumar Upadhye as well as the maestro of the Sitar, Ustad. Shahid Parvez Khan.

She has also acquired her extensive knowledge of classical and light classical music by teaching herself and through her experience of accompanying alongside celebrities. Anjali has also participated in Sangeet Sanmelana, held both in different parts of the country and abroad. She is also very gifted in accompanying for light music and has done so with very well-known artists from various ‘Geet – Prakar’ like Sugam – Sangeet, Gazal, Instrumental orchestra, Hindi – Marathi songs, commercials and film scores.


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