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Online Bass Lessons For All Levels - Beginners, Intermediates and Professionals

This course is designed to meet the needs of individual students. All levels are accepted in this online Bass course: beginning, intermediate and advanced.  This is an online guitar course that takes place in weekly 60-minute sessions over the duration of 8 weeks. This custom course is tailored specifically to your performance needs and will build upon previous music knowledge to continue strengthening your bass playing techniques and exploring various styles of bass playing.

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    8 weeks

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    All Level

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Available For All Age-Groups

Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors - All are welcome!


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      Educator Profile

      Gerry Pineda

      30 Years Experience

      From: United States

      • Teacher Skill Keywords:

        Double Bass, Music Theory
      • Education

        B.M. from California State University Sacramento

        M.M. from California State University Sacramento

      • Work Details

        Music Professor/Jazz Studies - University of the Pacific

        Music Professor/Jazz Studies - California State University Stanislaus

        Music Professor/Jazz Studies - California State University Sacramento

      Course Details

      This course accommodates all levels and styles of music–––whether you are interested in Classical, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Pop, Punk Rock, etc. Gerry will primarily concentrate on ways to improve one's technical ability.

      Beginners can expect to learn the following:

      • How to read music;
      • How to tune the bass;
      • Major, minor, pentatonic and blues scales;
      • Arpeggios;
      • Chord symbols and what they mean;
      • Constructing bass lines; and
      • Beginning classical studies and repertoire (Simandl Book I).

      Intermediate students can expect continuing work on scales and arpeggios, exploration of whatever styles they are interested in, improvisation, exploring Simandl Book II, Simandl 30 Etudes and expanding your repertoire in your preferred styles.

      Advanced students can expect the advanced study of melodic and harmonic concepts (jazz, classical, rock etc.), expanding repertoire, advanced technical studies and Gerry will also watch and listen to you play and offer critique and advice on how to address whatever deficiencies are present.

      About the Instructor: While Gerry Pineda is well known for his bass playing, he actually started his musical journey by playing the piano aged just nine years old. It wasn't until he discovered The Beatles a year later that he decided to switch to playing the guitar. Inspired by Paul McCartney and his catchy bass lines he then switched again to the electric bass guitar, which he played in various rock and jazz bands throughout high school.

      At the age of 16, Gerry discovered the double bass, which sparked off a lifelong love affair with Jazz. He was awarded a Bachelor of Music in Jazz studies as well as a Master of Music in Double Bass from California State University in Sacramento. He has also received two critic's choice awards, or "Sammies", for best bassist in Sacramento.

      Gerry teaches from his private studio and at both California State University Sacramento and the University of the Pacific.


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