Introduction to Classic Hindustani Vocals

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This course takes place in once weekly, 60-minute, online sessions over the duration of 13 weeks. Perfect for music lovers of any age, this course is designed to provide a formal introduction to classical Hindustani vocals. It's also perfect for those dreaming of performing to family and friends, or on a stage to a crowd. There are no prerequisites for this course - only a deep love of Hindustani music and a desire to learn vocals.

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13 Weeks
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Educator Profile

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30 Years Experience
From: India
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Indian Classical Music
Classical vocal
Hindustani Vocals
Sufi Music
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stage singer
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S.N.D.T. Woman's University- Mumbai
Sangeet Visharad
Bhruhad Gujarat Sangeet Samiti- Ahmedabad
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M.S. University- Vadodara

Course Details

Hindustani is the base of all music. This course will help students understand classical Hindustani vocals and learn about their origin, techniques and strategies, performance tips, and vocal exercises. Students will learn four commonly known ragas— bhupali, Durga, Kafi, and sarang with its Sargam geet and bandish in taal. The training will be disciplined and complete so students will succeed in their endeavor to develop their musical style. At the end of the course, students will be able to perform a short recital. 

About Mrs Sonal Shah: Sonal Shah is an experienced Sufi vocalist and composter who began performing at age 9. She has performed countless concerts since and was classically trained in music from SNDT Women’s University, with a post-graduate degree and gold medals. An award-winning artist, Shah received the Kala Gujari Award for her contributions to Sufi music and the Surmani National Award for Indian Classical Vocal Music. Fluent in four languages including Urdu, Shah has been teaching students in university and privately in the art of Sufi and Ghazal vocal tradition for many years. Her extensive experience and education, as well as a lifetime dedicated to music, makes Sonal Shah a compelling teacher for any student with an interest in Indian Classical music.

The ipassio Edge

Students enrolling for this long term course on ipassio can be sure that they receive individual attention from the teacher, as the class strength is limited to 3 students. It also gives teachers the opportunity, to gauge their students progress in depth and make changes whenever and wherever required, to ensure the student gets the maximum out of this course. Since, long term courses are detailed, students get the advantage of learning intricate details about this art form. The limited strength of the class also ensures that there is a strong bond between the students and their teacher clearing out any inhibitions that the student might have. The sustained guidance available from the teacher ensures that the student does not deviate from set goals or targets. Learning from a revered, experienced exponent of this art form, through the long duration of this course, keeps the student inspired and motivated to achieve more.

About Teacher

Sonal Shah is an exemplary and well known Sufi and Ghazal singer, as well as a teacher with a lifetime of experience. She trained at a young age and then formally at SNDT Women’s University, and received a postgraduate degree in music. Shah is has won multiple awards, given many interviews and concerts, and has been performing as an All India Radio (AIR) artist for the last three decades. As well as her musical studies and speaking in English and Hindi, Shah is also fluent in Urdu, ensuring a deep and complete understanding of Urdu poetry as a contribution to Ghazal music.


As a beginners course, there are no prerequisite courses required. Students will need a pen and paper and access to a computer for the online class sessions. Those enrolling will need to ensure they have time for their one on one courses, as well as time to practice between courses to get the most of their time with instructor Sonal Shah.

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How much time should a student enrolling for this course practice everyday?
Students should practice a minimum of 30 minutes every day. If they can devote more time to practice, they will learn better and faster.
What if a student is unable to attend an upcoming class?
The student is required to inform the teacher about his absence from a particular session, two days prior to the class. In such a case, the teacher will reschedule the class and conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student. In case the student misses to give two days prior notice about his absence to the teacher, then the decision to conduct another class for that student is completely based on teacher’s discretion.
What if the teacher wishes to reschedule a class?
In case the teacher is unavailable for the scheduled class, he/she will inform the students two days prior to the class. The teacher will conduct the rescheduled class on or before the end (i.e. Saturday) of the ensuing week or such other time as may be mutually decided between the teacher and the student.
How long will the teacher take to revert to a query raised after class hours?
The teacher will try to revert back to queries raised after class hours within a 24 hour period.
Can this course be customized?
Yes, the course can be customized.
Can students of all age enroll to this course?
Students aged 8 or above can join this course.

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