Hindustani Vocal Music Basics for Beginners


by Narasimha Joshi

20 Years Experience

Disciple of Pt. Shripad Hegde who is the senior disciple of Padma Bhushan Pt Basavaraj Rajguru.

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: English

Course Summary

This course is aimed at training the student in Hindustani Classical music (vocal). The student will be taught the basics of Hindustani Classical Music viz. the swar system, ragas, tala system. This course will also develop the quality and texture of the student's voice. At the end of the course, a beginner student will be able to present a bandish along with sargams and taans set to a particular taal while an intermediate student will be able to present a full-fledged khayal at a basic standard. Also, in this course, you will be taught light or semi-classical compositions like bhajan and thumri. 

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Teacher's Profile

Narasimha Joshi

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Hindustani Vocals, Composition, Ghazals, Bhajans, Performances, Music Theory, Slokas
  • Education

    Senior from Bangalore

    Masters in Music from Karnataka Education Board

    Visharada from Gandharv Sangeet Vidyalay Pune

  • Work Details

    Freelance music teacher - Hindustani classical music

  • Online live sessions completed

    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    In this course, enrolled students will pick up the following things in the curriculum: 

    Identification of Singing pitches “Shruti” of an individual.

    The identification of the pitch will be the very first step towards learning music which will be determined by singing as per the teacher's instruction, which depends on the male or female candidates.

    Introduction to 7 Notes and Practicing the Basic 7 Notes.

    Demonstrating 7 notes in ascending descending order in different tempos.

    Introduction to octaves “Sapthak” and Demonstration.

    This is about 3 octaves namely lower, middle and higher. Demonstrating them with their significance.

    Alankar swara exercise – Combinations of notes.

    It's about singing the 7 Notes in various combinations of ascending and descending order to tune our voice as well as to make students perfect in identifying the notes and demonstrating their position.

    Voice culture and Morning practice.

    Voice culturing through morning practice of Shruti along with the Tanpura and regulating the tonal quality, pronunciation of the notes of an Individual.

    Introduction of Rhythmic cycles “Taala” and Compositions.

    Know the Rhythmic cycles and their application in various compositions mainly in classical and light music verities.

    Introduction to Raaga and Learning the compositions.

    Learning Raaga and its characteristics comprehensively, demonstrating the composition in the Raaga and its traditional versions.

    History of Indian classical music genres and its significance.

    What are Hindustani music and Carnatic music? what are the features? why there is a distinct character between these two?

    Life History of Indian classical vocalists.

    Life history of Indian classical vocalists, instrumentalists, composers.

    Introduction and Learning light classical music.

    What is light music, how it is distinct and feature of the music in short, and learning a couple of compositions?


    About the teacher: Sri Narasimha Joshi is a young Hindustani vocalist belonging to Gwalior and Kirana Gharana. His singing is a typical blend of both these Gharana style presentation which is very famous in Dharwad region and is followed by many maestros. Joshi was born in the small village of western ghat, Sonda of Karnataka. His father Keshav Joshi is a Yakshagana artist and his mother is Kusuma Joshi. Though she is not trained in music, she is very much involved in singing bhajans on a daily basis, which is the primary atmosphere for Joshi to get attracted towards music. Joshi started his Hindustani music training under Pt Shripad Hegde who is the senior disciple of Padmabhushan Pt Basavraj Rajguru. Over 15 years of training under guru-shishya parampara gave enormous support for his talent and made Joshi a promising vocalist in Khayal, Tarana, Thumri and light classical varieties. Later he became the disciple of Pandit M.P.Hegde for the typical Gwalior Gharana training. Over 20 years of learning provided the great skills of the tradition and the promising artist of young generation. Joshi is B. Top grade artist of All India Radio, pursued Masters in music from Karnataka also pursuing Visharad from Gandharva vidyalay Pune. Performed over 15 years for the various platforms, Radio, Television shows.. Teaching interested students with the affection to carry forward the legacy of Indian classical music and traditional learning. Sri Narasimha Joshi conducts an annual music concert in the memory of Guru Padmabhushan Basavraj Rajguru for the promotion of Indian classical music and to support the younger generation of classical music.

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    Traditionally, Hindu Hindustani classical music practitioners are referred to as Pandit and Muslim practitioners as Ustad. Religious neutrality has been an essential aspect of Hindustani music since Sufi times; this is why Ustads could sing compositions in praise of Hindu deities and vice versa.

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