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by Srimanti Sarkar

35 Years Experience

Performed on All India Radio and TV Channels in Kolkata.

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Instruction Language

: English, Bengali, Hindi

Course Summary

This course will introduce the students to the beauty and advantages of learning Hindustani Classical Music. The students will acquire all the basic knowledge both in theory and practical forms during the course tenure. They will learn about the basic notes and rhythm used in the Hindustani Classical Vocal. 

The students will learn to identify the right pitch for their voices. They will be introduced to the different note patterns that bring out the real beauty of the Thaats and Raagas. At the end of the course, the students will learn to identify the notes spontaneously. They will learn the singing style of Khayal gayaki, and semi-classical music genres such as - Thumri, Dadra, and Kajri. They will also learn to modulate their voice and render stability on the notes.

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Teacher's Profile

Srimanti Sarkar

Srimanti Sarkar

Experience: 35 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Vocal Training, Classical Singing, Hindustani Classical Music, Hindustani Vocals
  • Education


    BSc ( Honors In Geography) from Presidency College, Kolkata

    Masters In Journalism from Calcutta University, Kolkata

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Hindustani Classical Vocal Teacher - Temple Of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About the Course

The course on Hindustani classical vocal music online is designed for beginners and intermediate-level students. Stretched over a tenure of 48 weeks, with a session duration of 45 minutes, this course will profusely benefit Hindustani classical music students through its detailed curriculum for beginners and intermediate levels. 

The highlights of the course -

  • Introduction of Notes in the different pitches.
  • Introduction of Taals/ Rhythms used in Hindustani Classical Music
  • Introduction to Paltas, Sargamgeet, Lakshangeet, Bandish in different Raagas with taal.
  • Introduction to singing Taans with Bandish.

List of Raagas to be covered -

  • Bilawal,
  • Alahiya Bilawal
  • Yaman
  • Bhupali
  • Khamaj
  • Bhairav
  • Kafi
  • Bihar

List of Taals to be covered-

  • Teentaal,
  • Keharwa
  • Dadra
  • Jhaaptaal
  • Ektaal
  • Rupak

About the Teacher 

Srimanti Sarkar has trained in Hindustani classical music under the tutelage of some of the eminent teachers in Kolkata in different genres of music. She has performed on All India Radio and TV Channels in Kolkata. Recently, she completed the Teacher Certificate Course in Hindustani Classical Vocal from Shankar Mahadevan Academy. 

Her teaching experience spans almost 15 years. The confidence of her students at the time of rendition on stage and their high marks are a testimony to Srimanti’s dedication and hard work as an able mentor.   

Srimanti gives equal emphasis to each of her students - to understand their learning capacity and objectives. She molds her teaching methodology accordingly. Her students find it comfortable to share their learning challenges with her freely. This helps her to identify their problem areas and guide them accordingly.

Srimanti deploys various teaching styles e.g. auditory, visual, and kinesthetic to overcome learning difficulties in students and make them progress to a higher level. She believes in strong interpersonal relationships with all her students which help them to learn thoroughly with much more enthusiasm. She tries to engage her students in some creative activities after each lesson which helps them to feel satisfied.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

150 Online live sessions completed

150 Online live sessions completed

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  • Has a different understanding of rhythm and melody

  • Has different breathing capabilities

  • And a different GOAL!

What you get?

World-class  masters as  teachers

World-class masters as teachers

Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

Course studio that amplifies passion learning

Course studio that amplifies passion learning

Access to  global creative community

Access to global creative community

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a  time

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

Milestone-based learning for best results

Milestone-based learning for best results

Statement of Accomplishment

Statement of Accomplishment

Teacher's performance bits for reference

Teacher's performance bits for reference


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