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Nominated for Sangeet Natak Academy Yuva Award (2008). And has extensively toured Europe and the Middle East to perform.

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Instruction Language

: English, Bengali, Hindi

Course Summary

This course is designed for students who are trained in the fundamentals of Hindustani classical vocals. This course takes the students a notch higher than the basics and a little closer to the advanced level. 

This all-inclusive course helps the student to -

  • Become vocally adept at traversing through 3 and a half octaves effortlessly with a perfected pitch.
  • Learn beyond the Ragas and develop deep insight into Khayal and Dhrupad.
  • Learn Raga-based semi-classical genres, including - Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Hori, Jhula, Vandana, Bhajan, Geet, Ghazal, Sufi, Folk, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrulgeeti, Raagpradhan songs, etc.
  • Learn challenging techniques to improve the level of performance.
  • Develop a deep understanding of music through theories of music.

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Teacher's Profile

Sudokshina Manna Chatterjee

Sudokshina Manna Chatterjee

Experience: 25 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Hindustani Classical Music
  • Education


    Phd from Rabindra Bharati University

    Masters in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music from Rabindra Bharati University

    B.A Honours in English Literature from Sri Shikshayatan College

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Lecturer in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music - Vivekananda College For Women

    Music Teacher and founder member - Arohan Academy of Tabla and Vocal Music

    Music Teacher - Samskritiki Sreyaskar

    Music Teacher - Mahadevi Birla World Academy

    Music Teacher - Swar Sangam ( Birla Academy)

About the Course

The highlights of the course curriculum are as follows - 

Lesson 1

  • Staircase Warmup for Voice
  • With Shuddha and Vikrita swaras
  • Practicing with and without rhythm.

Lesson 2

  • Revision of Ten Thaats and
  • Learning Raga Purvi ( Aroh-Avroh, pakad, chalan, Swarmalika, and Khayal bandish in Teentaal with Sargams, Taans, Boltaans of Sthayi/ Antara.)

Lesson 3

  • Practice of Om
  • Breathing exercises necessary for singing (with Alankars of Shuddha and Vikrita swaras)

Lesson 4

  • Basics of Harmonium playing
  • Playing of Alankars, Swarmalika of Purvi from G# ( Kali 4 key)
  • And Playing from A# ( Kali 5 keys)

Lesson 5

  • Learning the Rhythm cycle Ektaal and the Vilambit 48 and 24 matra Theka of Ektaal. 
  • Reciting the talas with Hand movements.

Lesson 6

  • Introduction to Raga Bageshree (Aroh-Avroh, Pakad, Chalan)
  • Learning Vilambit Khayal in Bageshree ( Sthayi)

Lesson 7

  • Raga Bageshree Vilambit continued with the revision of Sthayi
  • Learning Antara Vistar of Sthayi

Lesson 8

  • Raga Bageshree Vilambit continued revision of Sthayi Antara Vistar.
  • Learning of Sargam and taans in Barabar laya and Chaugun.

Lesson 9

  • Easy techniques to train the ears, remove tension from voice, and sing with confidence. 
  • Identifying the right pitch for the students to sing 
  • Pitch perfection

Lesson 10

Learning the basics of Music Theory - A brief history of Indian Music (from Vedic to modern age).Study of Shruti,10 lakshan of raga,Ten pranas of Tala.

Lesson 11

A Bhajan based on Raga Bhairavi in Keherwa Tala

Lesson 12

Introduction to Raga Mian ki Todi - (Aroh-Avroh, Pakad, and Chota Khayal with Sargams and Taans)

Lesson 13

  • Learning of Vilambit Ektaal (48 matra) in Raga Mian ki Todi.
  • Sthayi and Antara.

Lesson 14

  • 10 minutes daily warm-up in the morning for singers
  • Raga Mia ki Todi Vilambit continued Vistar/ sargams and Taans.

Lesson 15

  • How to identify notes of any particular song
  • Eg with a raga-based Bollywood song. (Jyoti Kalash Chalke based on raga Bhopali)

Lesson 16

  • Mirror pattern Voice exercises.
  • Two complex Meendkhands.

Lesson 17

  • Learning everything about Thumri - its origin and evolution.
  • Learning a Thumri in 'Babul mora naihar chhooto jaye'
  • Raga Bhairavi/ taal Addha.

Lesson 18

  • Learning Varnalkars or Embellishments of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music - Meend, Gamak, Murki, Andolan, Khatka, Kan swara.
  • Notes on varnalankars.

Lesson 19

  • Distinguishing and voice throwing of Navel Voice /Chest Voice /Head Voice
  • Understanding the above with the help of Raga Yaman alaap.

Lesson 20

10 raga challenge - a swarmalika woven with 9 ragas and in 16 beat cycle

Lesson 21

  • Revision with Voice exercises
  • Revision of Raga Mian ki Todi

Lesson 22

Learning Rhythm cycles Chautaal and Deepchandi

Lesson 23

  • Understanding Dhrupad
  • Learning Sthayi and Antara of a Dhrupad based on Raga Kafi and set in the rhythm cycle Chautala

Lesson 24

Dhrupad in Kafi to be continued with the Layakaris in Dwigun, Tingun, and Chaugun.

Lesson 25

Paltas or Alankars traversing octaves

Lesson 26

  • Learning an afternoon melody Raga - Shuddha Sarang
  • Raga parichay, Drut khayal with Vistar, and taans

Lesson 27

Teengun and Chaugun layakaris of Teentaal, Deepchandi, Chautaal, and Jhanptaal

Lesson 28

Learning a Ghazal in Rhythm cycles of either Rupak or in Deepchandi.

Lesson 29

Practicing previously done Alankars with different vowels

Lesson 30

Sthayi and Antara of Shuddha Sarang in Vilambit Ektaal

Lesson 31

Vistar Sargams and Talas of Shuddha Sarang in Vilambit Khayal

Lesson 32

  • Understanding Sufism and an idea about Sufi Music.
  • Learning a Sufi kalam of Ameer Khusrou "Zihal e miskin"

Lesson 33

  • Introduction to Raga Hameer
  • Learning of Bollywood retro 'Madhuban mein Radhika nache' based Raga Hameer

Lesson 34

  • Tips to sing Sargams faster
  • Technique and practice with Shuddha and Vikrita swaras

Lesson 35

Knowledge about the origin and evolution of Different Gharanas of Indian Classical Vocal Music.

Lesson 36

  • Understanding and learning Raga Alahiya Bilawal
  • Bandish in Drut Ektal

Lesson 37

  • The technique of Singing Sargam nonstop
  • Practicing non stop sargams in Raga Alahiya Bilawal

Lesson 38

Pahadi Dadra 'Bato bato mein bit Gaye rain'.

Lesson 39

Learning of a Saraswati Vandana in Raga Hansadhwani

Lesson 40

  • Beats and notes synchronization and visualization of the tala for easy understanding.
  • Small quiz on - General understanding of music

About the Teacher 

Sudokshina Manna Chatterjee started her musical journey at the tender age of 6. In the initial years, she trained under the tutelage of Sri Sachin Basu and Sri Bireash Roy from Kirana Gharana. Later, she received taalim in Qasur Patiala Gharana from Vidushi Sanjukta Ghosh.

Sodokshina earned her Master's degree and Doctorate in Hindustani Classical Vocal from Rabindra Bharati University Kolkata. She is the recipient of a National Scholarship from the Government of India. At present, she holds a full-time job as a lecturer of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music in a reputed college in Kolkata.

Adept in singing Thumri, Dadra, Bhajan, Ghazal, Geet, Sufi, Rabindra Sangeet, Folksongs, Nazrulgeeti, Modern Bengali songs, Bengali Kirtans, Bollywood songs, etc.

An empaneled artist of ICCR and EZCC, Sudokshina has toured extensively within India, Europe, and the Middle East for performances workshops, lectures, and demonstrations. She has performed at several world music festivals outside India and has also performed with jazz musicians. Sudokshina has been teaching students in Indian and abroad for about 25 years. She wishes to continue to coach and shape young talents in India and across the world.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

8 Online live sessions completed

8 Online live sessions completed

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