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Introduction to Music Theory and Practical Applications

Do you wish you could sing Happy Birthday without being embarrassed? Are you teaching yourself guitar and want to know more about chords? Musicianship skills can deepen the way you listen to music, improve your intonation, or help you improvise. The great thing is that you don’t need an instrument to learn musicianship. And if you do play one, you will learn even more.

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    Educator Profile

    Merav Singer

    30 Years Experience

    From: United States

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Musicianship, Music Theory
    • Education

      Ph.D. in Enthomusicology from University of California, Berkeley

      M.A. in ethnomusicology from University of California, Berkeley

      M.M. in violin from University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

      M.M. in violin from University of Missouri - Kansas City Conservatory

      B.A. in music and jewish Studies from Smith College

    • Work Details

      Violin teacher - Self-employed

      Lecturer in music - University of California, Berkeley

      Feelance violinist, including solo strolling violin - Self-employed

      Tutor for Hebrew and Torah chanting - Self-employed

      Translator and Copyeditor - Self-employed

      Program Coordinator - Jewish Gateways

      Academic Consultant - University Of California, Berkeley

      Teacher for Bar and Bat Mitzvah class - Congregation Netivot Shalom

      Founder and violinist - Meadowlark String Quartet

      Founder And Violinist - Trio Fontana

    Course Details

    Merav Singer has been teaching a similar course at the University of California, Berkeley for many years. It’s amazing for her to see how, in a matter of weeks, the students go from not being able to read music, to doing Roman numeral analysis. Students who can barely match pitch find themselves sight-singing! The joy on their face when they finally meet this life goal is something she treasures forever.

    Introduction to Musical Theory and Practical Applications is a course that can be taken as a prerequisite to a beginner's course, or as a supplemental course to revisit and strengthen a musician's foundational skill set. Lessons take place once a week, in 60-minute long online lessons, over the duration of 14 weeks. A prelude to instrumental music, this musical theory, and practical application lessons can be successfully completed with, or without, the use of an instrument. The lessons included in this course are designed to benefit instrumental and vocal music.

    This course begins by introducing students to the basics of notation-the system of symbols used to notate elements of music including meter, rhythm, and pitch. Once the basics are mastered the course continues to include the building blocks of harmony; keys, scales, intervals, triads and chord progressions. Finally, instructor Merav Singer guides students through the art of ear training so that students are prepared for sight-singing, which is singing from sheet music upon first sight, without preparation. Instructor Merav Singer’s lesson plan is designed to accommodate hobbyists as well as aspiring professional musicians. The lessons included will progress at the pace of each student.

    With lessons tailored to suit each individual's needs, Merav Singers’ course is available to students with or without an instrument. Those considering enrollment need to ensure they have time not only to commit to the 60-minute weekly online music lessons, but to independent practice as well to ensure they derive the most from their course. As an experienced educator, Instructor Merav Singer developed a lesson plan that accommodates children, adults, and senior learners. Upon successful completion students will be able to understand musical notation, play/sing sheet music, sing by sight, and identify notes by ear.

    About the Instructor: Instructor Merav Singer began studying violin at the young age of six with Lydia Mordokovitch as well as a student at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel. Singer attained a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Smith College and a Master of Music in Violin Performance from the Cincinnati Conservatory. Later, Singer continued to add to her education further by achieving a PhD in Ethnomusicology from the University of California in Berkeley. During Singer’s professional career she has played with the Kansas City Symphony, toured Europe with the Camerata Lawrence, and performed with her own ensembles; the Meadowlark String Quartet, and Trio Fontana. Independently, Singer plays solo for public and private audiences while passing on her education as a lecturer in Music Theory and Ear Training at UC Berkeley.


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