Foundation of Beatboxing For Aspiring Beatboxers


by Gaurav Gambhir

2 Years Experience

Beatboxed for 2 songs, Asli Hip Hop & Jingostan Beatbox in the movie Gully boy, 2019.

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Course Summary

This all-level, OnliVe (online + live) course sheds light on the 'Basics of Beatboxing'. Students will get a brief introduction of the art of producing percussion sounds from their mouth, They will be introduced to the different kinds of sounds that one needs to learn to start off with Beatboxing such as the 'Kickdrum' 'HI-Hat' 'Snare' etc. As part of the learning process of Beatboxing they will get an overview of how to use these sounds together in a Beat by practicing 'Beat Patterns'. Foundation of Beatbox also involves students getting a chance to learn how to Beatbox on the 'Metronome'.


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Teacher's Profile

Gaurav Gambhir

Experience: 2 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Vocal Percussion, Beatbox
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  • Work Details

    Beatbox Instructor - The Dharavi Dream Project

    Beatbox Instructor - Openhouse Clubs

    Beatbox Instructor - FrontROW

    Crew Member - Bombay Lokal

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    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    The Course will be a 3-month long course and the students will get to explore the nuances involved in learning the art of 'Beatboxing'. Below is a list of topics that will be covered as a part of this course. The Topics to be covered include: 

    1) History of Beatboxing;

    2) Learning the BTK'S of Beatboxing;

    3) Lesson on Pattern Making/Sharpening the Basics;

    4) Lesson on How to Switch between Different Tempos;

    5) Learning How to Make Your Own Patterns; and,

    6) Lesson on Filler Sounds. 

    About the Instructor: While you may know him as the beatboxer in Gully Boy's 'Asli Hip Hop' and 'Jingostan Beatbox', Gaurav Gambhir AKA D-Cypher is a well-known name in the Indian Underground Hip Hop Community and a part of Mumbai-based hip hop collective Bombay Lokal. Gaurav has been beatboxing at Cyphers and venues with his crew for the past 9 years and was crowned as the ‘Vice Indian Beatbox Champion’ at the Indian Beatbox Championship 2018, along with his partner BeatRAW, in the Tag Team Category. He has been teaching Beatboxing as an Instructor for the past two years and has been associated with various prestigious institutions. 

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    Beatboxing and similar techniques have been used since the 19th century in various American musical genres. African traditional music is considered to have further influenced the style as the performers utilize their bodies (e.g., by clapping or stomping) as percussion instruments and produce sounds with their mouths by breathing loudly in and out, a technique similar to beatboxing.

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