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The Art of Bharatanatyam | Level II | Learn under Dr. Rekha Raju

by Dr. Rekha Raju

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This is an online, live, customizable, intermediate course by Dr. Rekha Raju for those Bharatanatyam students who are already well versed in the Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam. At the beginning of the course, students will review the basics and origins of this ancient Indian dance form before moving on to learning more advanced practices and techniques in Bharatanatyam, like Abhinaya. Your instructor for the course, Dr. Rekha Raju is a master dancer and educator who meets each student at their current level and tailors the course to their needs and goals as a dancer.

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    Educator Profile

    Dr. Rekha Raju

    25 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Basics Bharatanatyam, bharatanatyam
    • Education

      Ph.D in Dance from Mysore University

    • Work Details

      Artistic Director - Nrithya Dhama Temple of Fine Arts

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    Course Details

    This intermediate course by Dr. Rekha Raju spans over 42 weeks and is an opportunity for intermediate dancers to delve into the Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam to gain a greater understanding and skill level. Dr. Raju will lead students through a review of basics, including body posture, adavus, asamyukta, and samyukta hastas, as well as a look at the theory and origin of this ancient Indian dance form. From this, the teacher will assess the current learning level of the student and customize the rest of the course to their needs. Students attending this course only need to have a notebook and pen to take notes during lessons and a dedication to learning the art form.

    Further lessons will include techniques and practices such as krithi and thillana, Carnatic music compositions, and their accompanying movements. Students may also learn to recite jathis in thaalam, the finger counts of the beats in a taal, and how to use the thattu kali, a wooden block used to keep rhythm during a Bharatanatyam performance. Students will also have the opportunity to learn abhinaya, the Indian art of aesthetic expression. This concept teaches students to connect with their audience to tell a story. By the successful completion of this course, students will have a deeper understanding of their craft and a greater ability to express themselves through classical Indian Bharatanatyam tradition.

    If the student wants to learn the basics of ancient Indian classical dance form, Bharatnatyam, Here are other courses tailored by Dr. Rekha Raju: Basics of Bharatanatyam and The Art of Bharatanatyam | Level I

    About the Instructor: Identified as a child prodigy after entering dance school at the tender age of 3 and a half years, Dr. Rekha Raju has come a long way. After refining her skills as a Bharatanatyam dancer Dr. Rekha Raju has devoted most of her time to Mohiniyattam, a dance form popular in Kerala. Perhaps her birth in Palakkad, Kerala could be the possible reason for her interest in Mohiniyattam. Raised in Bangalore, the gifted artist now runs a dance school in Bangalore. Amidst this hustle and bustle, Dr.Rekha Raju successfully completed her Ph.D. in dance from Mysore University studying Margi and desi techniques of Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam.

    Her apprentice and assistant faculty trainer, Keerthi Uday is currently pursuing her higher studies at Mount Carmel College (Bangalore, India). She has been learning Bharatanatyam, since she was six, under the guidance of Dr. Rekha Raju. She has also completed her Prarambhik, Praveshik Purna exams in Bharatanatyam from Bhartiya Sangeeth Prasarak Mandal (Pune), with flying colors. Keerthi is also learning the dance forms Mohiniyatam under Dr. Rekha Raju, Thalam, and Nattuvangam under Sri. Jagdeesh Janardhanan. She is one of the faculty members of Dr. Rekha Raju’s troupe and has assisted her in several workshops and major dance festivals.


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