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by Greeshma Rajan

20 Years Experience

Winner of Keralotsavam, Malappuram District & performed at the Nilla National Festival.

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Instruction Language

: English, Tamil

Course Summary

Bharatnatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms in India. It originated in Tanjore district in Tamil Nadu in South India. Through this one-to-one online course that is conducted through meeting apps, connects students from all over the world to one of the best Bharatnatyam teachers. This course is designed for beginners that necessitate age criteria for students starting from 6 years. Thereafter, it is open to students from every age group. This course will give you a very strong foundation for learning more advanced dance moves.

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Teacher's Profile

Greeshma Rajan

Greeshma Rajan

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Education


    Diploma from Kalakshetra foundation.

    M.A. Bharatanatyam from Madras university.

    B.A. in English from Madras

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Dance Instructor - Academy of Indian Music & Arts (AIMA).

    Dance Instructor - Vipanchee Natyalaya, Chennai.

    Dance Instructor - Mudra Arts Center, USA.

    Dance Instructor - Kafqa Academy

About the Course

The online Bharatnatyam course introduces students to a deeply spiritual dance form. It initiates the students into an expressive dance form that rests on the 4 core elements of the dance - Bhavam (expression), Ragam (melody), Talam (rhythm), and Natyam (dance). Bharatanatyam is a composite art form embracing the elements of nritta and natya 

Bharatnatyam is characterized by precise dynamic and rhythmic footwork, hand gestures, and facial expressions. Dancers usually depict religious stories from epics and mythologies in praise of the Lord. A signature of this art form is the expression of divinity. To be a true exponent of the art, a dancer must have the ability to achieve spirituality through dance, dissolving their identity in the rhythm and the music, and experiencing Bhakti (devotion) from the soul.

Throughout the course, the students shall learn the basics of Bharatanatyam (including Namaskaram and warm-up exercises) and master the basic Adavus i.e. basic dance moves along with mudras (hand gestures) and other body movements (head, neck, and eye movements).

About the teacher - Greeshma Rajan has been a professional Bharatnatyam performer for the last 20years. She has trained at the reputed center of Noopura Dance Academy Malappuram and Kalakshetra Foundation, Madras University Chennai. 

Greeshma has won accolades as a winner at sub-district Youth Festivals of Kerala. She has participated in Nilla Festival, Daya Nritha Vismayam, Kerela tourism program. She is a dedicated performer at several famous temples in India including Tanjore Brihadeeswara Temple, Guruvayoor Temple, and Chitambaram Temple, to name a few.  

Her teaching experience spans over five years. She is a hands-on mentor who can identify hidden potential in her students and hone them to perfection. She also provides them with the right platforms to showcase their talents.

Greeshma’s job does not end with just completing the syllabus and preparing the students for the exam. She also prepares the students for district and state-level competitions. She even carries out various events to spread awareness about Bharatnatyam, and motivates students to learn this dance form.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

77 Online live sessions completed

77 Online live sessions completed

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World-class masters as teachers

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Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

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Course studio that amplifies passion learning

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Access to global creative community

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a  time

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

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Milestone-based learning for best results

Statement of Accomplishment

Statement of Accomplishment

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Teacher's performance bits for reference


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