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Bharatanatyam Dance Lessons for Beginners | Level I | Pursue under Parijat Naik

by Parijat Naik

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This Bharatanatyam dance course on ipassio would be taught OnliVe (Online + Live) by Parijat Naik or her dance partner Taamohar Biswas. Both Parijat and Taamohar are classical dance performers and teachers by training, specializing in Bharatanatyam. This beginner course has been structured in such a way that will maintain the traditional roots as well as the original philosophy of this art form, at the same time present the students with cognitive methods of learning. This dance form is composed of 3 major categories - Nritta (pure dance), Natya (Abhinaya), Nritya (a combination of the previous aspects).

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    Educator Profile

    Parijat Naik

    12 Years Experience

    From: India

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    • Education

      MA from Fontys School of applied Arts, Netherlands

    • Work Details

      Founder/ artistic director - Soul feet

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    Course Details

    Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms in India. Being a classical dance, the strong technique is what forms its base. What is important to note is that Bharatanatyam also has its deep roots in tradition. This art form finds its roots in the text called “Natya sastra” and has been truly designed to bring about a union of the body, mind, and soul. For this purpose learning the dance form involves a deep study of body movements, emotional expression, and spiritual understanding. Hence, Bharatanatyam not only encourages physical fitness of the body but also enhances grace, poise, and imagination. This dance form is composed of 3 major categories - Nritta (pure dance), Natya (Abhinaya or expression), Nritya (a combination of the previous 2 aspects). In this beginners course, the students would work on the Nritta aspect of dance which involves rhythmic footwork, use of hand gestures, and understanding body postures. As a part of this course, the students would also be given an introduction to “Abhinaya” so that they can be aware of what to expect from further study of the art.

    In this course that spans for a duration of 16 weeks, the student would learn the following topics:

    Body alignment - The physical structure of Bharatanatyam conceives the body in linear lines and conceives movement in space mostly in straight lines, triangles, or circles. Students would learn how to hold the basic sitting posture “Aramandi” correctly in order to avoid future injuries and work on the basic position of the arms “Natyarambhe”. Special focus would be given to the alignment of the upper torso in coordination with the dance movements. Students would be given a direction on how they can add grace to the body in spite of maintaining these linear lines.

    Adavus: Adavus are the basic steps of Bharatanatyam which are a combination of footwork and hand gestures. Students would be taught the first 4 sets of Adavus in this course. They would be introduced to the concept of Laya (speed) and made to practice the adavus to 3 speeds. In addition, an introduction would also be made to understand the concept of Jaati (Tishra and Chatushra) because we as teachers strongly feel that it forms the base for rhythmic footwork.

    Pada Bhedas: Understanding of the positions of the feet and their application in adavus.

    Hastas (Mudras): Students would learn the whole set of Asamyukta hastas (single hand gestures).

    In addition to the practical teaching, the teacher will share the theoretical aspects of study in the form of notes with the student. The student will also be exposed to the historical and cultural theory of Bharatanatyam through interesting methods.

    On the completion of the course, the student would have a clear understanding of the basics of the Nritta aspect of Bharatanatyam, the alignment of the body, a sense of rhythm, and a definite sense of confidence. The student would then be in a position to decide if he or she would like to move further in their journey with this beautiful art form!

    About the teacher: Parijat Naik is a Choreographer and performer based in Mumbai, currently residing in the Netherlands. She is the founder of Soul Feet dance company headquartered in Mumbai, India. For the past 10 years, she has been choreographing and performing at various festivals and concerts all over India and in countries like Sweden, Hong Kong, and China. She has also conducted workshops in The Netherlands, France, and Singapore. She has choreographed and performed at the famous Kala Ghoda festival, Mumbai, and also choreographed and conducted dance workshops for corporate companies such as BNP Paribas, HDFC, L&T, Phillips, Accenture, Rotary club. Soul Feet dance company's choreography has been telecasted on television channels such as Colours tv, Sony pal, and Doordarshan. For the past 8 years, Soul Feet has been the leading dance troupe for the famous "Bollywood tours" that mark the character of Bollywood tourism in Mumbai. Her artistic practice has a strong focus on storytelling, culture, and non-verbal communication. In her works, she constantly tries to incorporate innovative methods and strongly believes that art is a participatory and collective experience. ​Given her background in Architecture and recent research-based Masters in Performing Arts at Fontys University in The Netherlands, she is committed to continuing research in finding methods to redefine the position of traditional classical and folk dance in modern society.


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