Chess Tricks and Moves for all levels

All Level

by Abhishek Giri

9 Years Experience

He coached students who have won the National Chess Championship & the World Chess Championship.

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Course Summary

This online, live, 1-on-1, 60-week chess course for all levels is by chess veteran Abhishek Giri takes the enrolled students on a journey of chess, where they will be introduced to the recreational game in the most detailed and fun way possible. The course is for all individuals at any level and it shall cover a lot of intricate techniques, from the basics to the advanced stages. Students will be introduced to the different pieces and the working behind a chessboard, and they will also be covering under this Complete Chess Course from Basics to Expert level.

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Teacher's Profile

Abhishek Giri

Experience: 9 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Professional, Trainer
  • Education

    Hotel management from Mumbai University

  • Work Details

    CEO/Owner/Founder - Bright Star International Academy

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    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    Your instructor for this course, Abhishek Giri will be teaching enrolling beginner students, the introduction to chess techniques and basic concepts. Enrolled students will also be receiving certification upon completion of this beginner course successfully. This chess course for all levels will be divided into the following topics: 1) Introduction To chess Board And Pieces 2) notation 3) special moves In chess 4) check and Checkmates 5) relative Value of Chessmen 6) elementary checkmates with all pieces 7)Types Of exchanges 8) material advantage 9) General Opening Theory 10) common checkmating Ideas 11) pin 12) knight Fork 13) double attack 14) skewer attack 15) back rank 16) discover attack/discover check 17) destroying the defender 18) learn to Calculate 19) openings / middle game strategies and endgame 20) strategies 21) decoy 22) deflection 23) overloaded piece 24)Tournament rules and regulation. This course will be helpful as it will help the beginners to improve their concentration, their observation, and listening skills, their visualization and imagination will be enhanced, their memory will be strengthened, their speed and accuracy will be amplified, their creativity will be boosted, their self-confidence will be increased and their academic foundation will be strengthened. The curriculum is six month duration and prepares the individuals from scratch to advanced level.

    About the teacher: Your instructor for the course is Abhishek Giri, CEO Of Bright Star International Academy and A International Chess Coach. He has a World Fide Rating of 1662 and is the World’s Youngest Chess Coach Icon (youngest to provide Chess Tutoring in 130+ 
    Countries around the world. He is a C.I.S Certified Trainer (Certified from Maharashtra chess Association) and has 9+ years of experience as a trainer. He created history in 2018 as he made A 5 year Girl National Chess Champion In 2019 and 8 year Girl World Chess Champion by coaching her. He has trained over 6000+ students In 8+ years (In schools / college / academies / personal / group). He is currently representing India as a chess player, and is 48 Times Intercollegiate Chess Champion, 6 Times District Chess Champion, 5 Times State Chess Champion, 2 Times National Chess Champion (Ameture u_1700), 1 Times International Chess Champion in 2018 (u-1600), World Selected By Winning Bronze At National Ameture U-1700, Bronze Medalist In Goa Open Fide Rating International Chess Championship 2019 among others.

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