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This is an OnliVe (online +live) and 1-on-1, DJ course for beginners, taught on ipassio by acclaimed DJ and mentor, Deep Bhamra. If you are interested in learning the nitty-gritty of music and how to mix beats as a disc jockey, this course is perfect for you. Starting from the basics of music structure to the technical and business aspects behind disco jockeying, this course has a detailed curriculum for those who are starting out in this musical direction.

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Deep Bhamra

Experience: 11 Years

From: India

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    This is a 5 week, online, live, beginner course on ipassio, for those students who are interested to pick up and learn the rhythmic art of Djing. Taught by famous DJ Deep Bhamra, some of the topics that will be covered in this beginner DJ course include a basic introduction to DJing, the basic principles of music structure, introduction to the mixing equipment and how to set it up, the different types and genres of DJ music, how to cue beats and mix rhythms, paces, songs in between them. The curriculum will also include a detailed take by DJ Deep on how to acquire the best discography for your mix, how to improve the mixing and various mixing techniques, how to use your set of headphones while playing. This course will also include lessons on how could you edit and correct your own mixing mistakes, how to understand the emotion of the mix that’s playing, maintaining the volume while playing, when and how to use faders, pitch blending and tempo adjusting, track layering and learning the related software required for DJing. There are many benefits to learning this skill, from knowing a lot more intricacies in music production to also knowing music theory, and also the understanding how to control tunes, rhythms, paces, beats and genres of almost all kinds of music.

    About the teacher: Your instructor for the course DJ Deep Bhamra has been following his passion for music and honing his skills for a while now. It all started at the early age of 10 when he was learning how to play various instruments. He decided to pursue his passion right after high school. And what started as a favorite leisure pursuit with personal experimentation quickly became the main inspiration for this dynamic DJ eight years ago. Gradually, he started earning his name in the music and party world of Bengaluru & Chennai. This led to many club gigs, private parties, destination weddings, and travel to several parts of the world. He soon joined forces with “DJ Jasmeet”, one of the top DJs in Bangalore who is also his artist manager, and worked for him, hand in hand with him for several events locally and internationally learning more and polished his skills and knowledge for this art better. DJ Deep believes that acquiring technical skills is an ever-evolving process and that it is important to advance with music. Setting trends in the industry is more important and of top priority regardless of the genre. In this day and age, he understands the nuances of music-making much better than before. Amidst all this, he began putting his learning to good use by producing music. He was soon famous in the Indian DJ Fraternity and began collaborating with other DJs and other artists across the country and overseas, producing remixes by adding a personal touch to his favorite tracks. As a DJ, he intuitively works a room with his creative mixing, playing quality music for the masses as well as the most discriminating audiences. Although his choice of style is Commercial House, Bollywood, Hip – Hop & Deep House, he has a deep liking for Tropical House / Ambient, Chill-out, Rock and Retro. With a huge collection of tunes in hand, covering a wide range of genres, Deep leaves trails of memories, melodies, and stories wherever he goes. After having performed and opened for many recognizable DJs, there’s a lot new he is gaining every day further sharpening his skills technically and musically.

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