Beginner's Drums Lessons (Basics, Trinity Initial to 2nd Grade)


by Rudraksha Chandel

6 Years Experience

Grade 8 in Drums from Trinity College of Music, London.

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Course Summary

In this online, live, 1-on-1 beginner drum course for 20 weeks, enrolled students can learn their first drum beat or learn some of their favorite songs or they could prefer to be coached for Trinity Initial to 2nd Grade while learning how to read and write staff notations. In the first few classes, the enrolled students will be learning very basics of the drums like how to hold the drum sticks, how to arrange drums, what is rhythm, and what's the part that drums play in the music, their first beat, rudiments, and so much more. The course will be at their pace and satisfaction with an abundance of knowledge and a strong basic foundation that will serve you forever not just in drums but music as well. 

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Rudraksha Chandel

Experience: 6 Years

From: India

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    Drums, Teaching with Notation System and Systematical tea, World Music, Performances, Professional Music, Precursion
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    Educator - Private

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  • About the Course

     Students can expect to learn the basic techniques, the execution of different sounds, and how to develop a specific style. Rudraksha Chandel takes into account the skill level and instrument of each student and then develops a learning plan based around four main topics: technique, execution, musicality, and style as described below by the instructor:

    Class 1: Introduction To Drumming, Setting Up Your Drums, How to Hold The Drum Sticks, Developing Proper Posture, Basic Bass Drum Technique, Introduction to Staff Notation and Music Theory.

    Class 2: How to Read Rhythm, Learning Single and Double Stroke Rudiment, Playing Your First Beat On The Drums.

    Class 3: How to read rest, Understanding Time Signature, 3 Stroke Ruff Rudiment, First Drum Fill.

    Class 4: How to beam note values & rest, Dot, Tie, Slur, Orchestration, Flam Stroke Rudiment, First Tom Groove.

    Class 5: Dynamic Markings, Articulations, Note Value, and Rest Test.

    Class 6: Read and Play Beats & Fils Through Sheet Sheet Music.

    Class 7 Till 10: Prepare Your First Trinity Song, Learn Paradiddle Rudiment.

    Class 11 - 14: Prepare Your Second Trinity Song, Learn Flam Stroke Rudiment.

    Class 15 - 18: Prepare Your Last Trinity Song, Rudiment Test.

    Class 19 - 20: Polishing Up The Trinity Songs For Exam (optional) and Completing The Course.

    About the Instructor: Rudraksha Chandel has been playing drums for 9 years with an abundance of experience in performing live, recording, doing studio sessions, transcribing sheet music, and teaching one-on-one drums for the last 6 years with many students learning 8th Grade under his guidance and going even beyond that in their skill set. He loves teaching drums and playing them and he wants all of his students to enjoy playing drums as well. 

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    Wood the drum shells are made from plays vital in the type of sound it will produce. Like Maple produces a warm, resonant sound, birch produces a slightly more aggressive sound with less resonance, mahogany and oak produce louder drums. The layers of wood/piles also create a difference, i.e., drums are more resonant if piles are thin, as they will ring more after being struck.

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