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by Viji Varadarajan

40 Years Experience

BA in English Literature from Ethiraj College & writes books for the past 40 years.

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Instruction Language

: English

Course Summary

This course deals with a unique way of learning the basics of English syntax and vocabulary using this universal language in a confident way in the social world and the digital platform. Through a one-to-one interaction, a student learns Spoken English that he or she can master for an everyday conversation, social interaction and in business meets. Taught by an expert teacher and an award-winning cookbook author Viji Varadarajan, the course is perfectly tailored to suit each individual and one that ensures an all-round perspective on life itself. The student starts looking at life from a totally different angle - one that will take them to achieve/reach their goals in life.

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Teacher's Profile

Viji Varadarajan

Experience: 40 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Spoken English
  • Education

    BA from Ethiraj College

    Diploma from University Of Madras

    Certificat, Pre Diplome and Diplome from Alliance Francaise De Chennai

  • Work Details

    Proprietrix - Orient Enterprises Private Limited

  • 55 Online live sessions completed

    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    Viji Varadarajan is a popular and well-known personality who has many cookbooks to her credit. She is very well versed in English as she using the right technique for pronunciation. And her specialty is teaching this glorious language to people who want to improve their language skills and build their self-confidence. Self-esteem, self-confidence, and positivity is the key to making a strong foothold in this world. A world, where social media holds sway today.

    Learning to speak the English language requires a positive change in our thinking. This course will build your confidence not merely by using new words in your vocabulary but by also changing your inner self.  You will also develop a high level of self-esteem wherein your thought process changes gradually and goes higher.  You will also inculcate high moral values by realizing your inner potential and strength. Viji will help you invoke the powerful energy trapped inside you.  She will make you release it and feel the gradual confidence building up.  Further, in this course, Viji will expose you to how constant self-admiration and gratefulness is the key to a ‘Powerful You!’, how to never lose sight of your ultimate goal that you desire to reach. This happens when you are conscious of your present moment and when you have no pain of your past, and no anxiety about your future.  In no time you will conquer and reach your goal. For this, ambition should be a part of your positive nature which will take you ultimately to where you want to be. 

    Viji will ensure that you leave no stone unturned towards completing your journey because she believes life is all about being healthy inside out. With these aspects in mind, your knowledge of the English language will be very good in social circles and on formal occasions. Students will learn spoken grammar, which can differ from written grammar, proper pronunciation, and an increased vocabulary tailored to each students’ needs. Rather than memorising a vocabulary list, this course helps students broaden their speaking skills by introducing phrases and words through conversation. This is proven to be the most effective and best method to learn spoken English.

    Ms. Vardaranjan helps her students grow their English conversation skills, meeting them at their knowledge level and style of learning. Through one-on-one lessons and practice with a fluent teacher, students are able to relax and become comfortable speaking English at their own pace. In addition to learning the basics, students benefit from practicing sentence structure, speaking aloud, and speaking spontaneously in conversations with the teacher. At the successful completion of this course, students can expect to express themselves in English with more speed and accuracy and communicate with more ease and confidence. Students signing up for this course should have some basic knowledge of the English language through reading, writing, or speaking.

    About Ms. Viji Varadarajan: What can be considered a lifetime, Viji has been practicing and teaching cooking and writing books for the last 40 years. She has completed her BA in English Literature from Ethiraj College. She has to her credit published cookbooks that have had rave reviews and have got her many accolades. She was the finalist in the Gourmand cookbook awards in 2008 for the best vegetarian cookbook. She was also a finalist for the best local cookery cookbook for her book, ‘Festival Samayal - Offerings to God’. The French cookbook that was a collaborative effort between Ms. Viji Varadarajan and Sophie Girot won the special jury award for 2009. She also clinched second place at Gourmand cookbook awards in 2010 for best-translated cookbook in the world, called,’Saveurs subtiles du Sud de l’Inde’.  She is now on ipassio to teach spoken English to interested students.

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