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Kathak Dancing for Beginners | Level I

This is an online, live, 1-on-1 beginner kathak course, taught by dance expert Ishani Chatterjee Seshan over a course of nine weeks. In this curriculum, students will be getting the introduction of what is Kathak, the history, and the origin of kathak and the Gharanas. With the Postural and basic practical knowledge of the footwork. Your instructor for this course, Ishani Chatterjee Seshan will guide the enrolled students through the foundational basics of Kathak, educating them in the basics of taal (Rhythmic Pattern), of two Basic taals with bols. Students will be learning the coordination between the eyes, hands, feet and the Hastak's. This course is suitable for students aged 6 plus years old and above.



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    English, Bengali, Hindi

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    Educator Profile

    Ishani Chatterjee Seshan

    24 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      experienced in teaching
    • Education




      KATHAK - Senior degree from PRAYAG

      KATHAK - Visharad/Sangeet Ratna from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad

    Course Details

    “KATHA KAHE SO KATHAK” means A kathakar who depicts stories through dance. Kathak is one of the ancient Indian classical dance forms of northern India. This Nine-week course will focus on a variety of aspects of Kathak dancing. The enrolled students will learn about the nuances of footwork, hand gestures, essential postures understanding of two basic taals with different hastakas, history, and gharanas of Kathak. They will also be taught about basic abhinaya, the art of expression through the face and the body to further engage with an audience to provoke a particular feeling in them. Students will get acquainted with the language of Kathak, tabla, pakhawaj, etc. This beginner course by Ishani Chatterjee Seshan will also introduce the students to basic taals, which is a form of rhythmic beat or measure of time made by clapping or the use of symbols of Tali and Khali.

    About the instructor: With the 24 years of experience in teaching, Ishani Chatterjee Seshan comes with a unique style of teaching that stresses on technical aspects of kathak such as ‘Riaz’,‘Tatkar; ‘Abhinaya’, and "theoretical knowledge". Students learn kathak as a blended style and plus points of all three gharanas that she is the guru of, based out of Lucknow, Banaras and Jaipur. She has shared the stage with kathak Guru Smt. Durga Arya Kruger – RV teacher‟s training auditorium , jayanagar, Bangalore in 2019, has won Zee Network Dance Competition first prize in 2009 - Rhythm School of Fusion, particpated in the Naya Andaaz Competition, 1947 Inc New Jersey U.S.A., Senator Frank Pallone show –New Jersey U.S.A, Boogie Woogie “Chalo America” –.NY / NJ, Miss India Beauty Pageant – NY - USA, Sanjay Anand Prosthetic Foundation , USA, Naya Andaaz Competition –. NJ, USA, Hofstra University, Indian Heritage, USA and workshops a the Rutgers University, USA.


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