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HomePaintingLearn Acrylic Portrait Painting Using Photographs

Learn Acrylic Portrait Painting Using Photographs

In this online, live, 1-on-1 course for beginner and intermediate level students, one will learn to draw and paint a portrait of anyone using photograph. Although having basic drawing skills is an advantage, this course is designed for complete beginners. Students will also learn how to depict 3-dimensional shapes realistically with the help of shadow, mid tone and highlight shapes. Since the human face is composed of a variety of complex organic shapes, a good practice of portrait drawing and painting facilitates an easy venture into other types of visual arts such as still life, landscape, and architectural drawings.

  • Course Duration

    2 weeks

  • Course Level

    Beginner, Intermediate

  • Instruction Language

    English, Marathi

Available For All Age-Groups

Children, Youth, Adults, Seniors - All are welcome!


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    Educator Profile

    Chaitanya Sohani

    15 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Sketching, oil painting, Drawing, FineArt, Painting
    • Work Details

      Founder, Freelancer Portait Painter - Vartika Arts

    Course Details

    This course predominantly introduces students to acrylic as a painting medium. It starts from the basics to educate students on the advanced methodologies of using acrylic. It begins with an introduction to color theory introducing students to the primary, secondary and complementary colors. It goes on to demonstrate to students creating transparency, opacity, intensity, or brightness by using colors. Moving on it teaches students about color contrast and attributes, such as interaction, harmony, psychology, mood. Following topics will be covered in this course-
    1. How to select a photograph and prepare it for painting using basic editing tools. (30 minutes)
    2. How to transfer photographs precisely onto a canvas/paper of any size using the grid method. (1 hour)
    3. How to prepare skin tones in acrylic paints. (30 minutes)
    4. Wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry painting methods in acrylics.
    5. How to identify shadow, mid-tone, and highlight shapes, and paint accordingly to create a realistic 3-dimensional effect. (1 hour)
    6. Important points to consider to bring likeness in the portrait painting and depict facial expressions accurately.

    About the instructor: Having commissioned more than 70 portrait paintings so far, Chaitanya Sohani has art teaching experience in a variety of age groups and skill levels. Instead of copying the subject as it is, He particularly stresses applying the rules of color theory and composition to make the painting visually more attractive than the subject itself. Having experience with various mediums including watercolors, oil paints, graphite, charcoal, and pastels, his preferred medium of painting is acrylic paints, because of their versatility, water solubility, and ease of use. He focuses on teaching fundamentals such as color theory, composition, values, and forms while making the learning process more enjoyable. He teaches to help the enrolled students paint what they see + what they know + what they want, instead of making handmade copies of photographs.


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