Basic Jazz Theory and Improvisation for All Instruments


by Steven Rudolph

40 Years Experience

Been a part of concert performances with many jazz masters and has toured throughout the U.S, Europe, India, Russia, Canada & Caribbean.

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Course Summary

The musical art form Jazz is one of the most wonderful contributions from the American experience to the world's musicians. In jazz, every voice has the opportunity to express their creative nature, an authentically democratic environment that enables originality. Music is a language with a universal tongue and jazz studies train musicians to converse freely at the moment with players from all nations. 

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Teacher's Profile

Steven Rudolph

Experience: 40 Years

From: United States

  • Education

    from Butler University

  • Work Details

    Executive Director - Central PA Friends of Jazz

    Pianist - Road mamager - Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

About the Course

Steven Rudolph is a great believer that while playing jazz, every voice has the opportunity to express their personal creative nature through improvisation and that jazz can create the perfect environment to foster each musicians originality. To allow students to become comfortable with improvisational playing, Steven will instruct them through the essential basic skills and jazz theory which can help students to understand how and when to improvise when playing with other musicians.

Steven will initially conduct a question and answer session which each new student to gauge their individual interests and skills within the medium of jazz. From this discussion, he will create a bespoke lesson plan, tailored specifically to each student's individual skills, experience level, aspirations and goals.  Students will be taught basic jazz theory, how to improvise properly with their instrument, basic composition and developing basic jazz vocabulary through ear training exercises.

Student's must have competent knowledge of their chosen instrument, especially an understanding and demonstratable knowledge of major chords and scales. They must also have a desire to learn the art of improvisation. Lessons can be tailored towards the student's schedule, with classes conducted weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to suit their needs.

In summary, during each 45 minute class, Steven Rudolph will instruct students on many aspects of basic jazz theory, improvisation, basic composition, and assisting students on ear training with an emphasis on developing jazz vocabulary. Steven will help students to find their unique style and voice to help them to express their creativity through the medium of jazz. Students from all instrumental backgrounds are welcome on this course and classes will be scheduled around their timetable.

About the Teacher: Steve Rudolph has had an inspiring career in his 50+ years of professional music-making. With fourteen acclaimed CDs as a leader, he has acted as an arranger, performer and producer on many various recordings. His immense experience has allowed him to be part of concert performances with many jazz masters and he has toured throughout the U.S, Europe, India, Russia, Canada and throughout the Caribbean. He is co-leader of Alberta's River City Big Band and the pianist alongside Phil Haynes and Drew Gress in the acoustic trio Day Dream. In 2002, Steve was the winner of the Harrisburg Arts Award for his dedication to the arts and services to the community. He has also received two Composition Fellowships from the PA Council on the Arts and his original compositions have been performed by many jazz ensembles as well as the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.

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