Learn Salsa Moves | Beginner, Intermediate Levels

Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

by Arsh Singh

12 Years Experience

First in the Salsa Solo championship at the Lebanon Latin Festival, 2015 & in Salsa Duet at the World Salsa Summit in Miami, 2019.

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Course Summary

This online Salsa dance course on ipassio would be taught OnliVe (Online + Live) by Salsa expert and dance mentor Arsh Singh. This dance course is for beginners and intermediate level students as they will be taught Salsa, which is a fancy native dance form, having its origin from Cuba and Africa. This course will explore various techniques of Salsa dance, rhythmic footwork, artistic hand gestures, and facial expressions. Importance will be given to expressing the meaning of the songs through body movement.

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Teacher's Profile

Arsh Singh

Experience: 12 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

  • Education

    Engineering from B.S Marine Engineering

  • Work Details

    Vessel Manager - Anglo Eastern Ship Mgt. Singapore

    Owner - Arsh Salsa Empire

  • Online live sessions completed

    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    This salsa course, taught by dancer and salsa veteran Arsh Singh, introduces the enrolled beginners and helps intermediate students continue learning Salsa as an intricate dance form, its meaning, and the precise movements involved in its style. The curriculum of this course is applicable to any individual between the ages of 10 and 60. Students who are learning Salsa in this course will begin by learning the basic elements: Body posture, movement, and expressions. Students will also learn the meanings behind the different types of movements. After the successful completion of this course, students will be able to perform on their own as they will be taught the choreography by the instructor in the last few weeks. This course is up to 7 weeks and can be extended longer but ultimately, the course length depends on the particular progress and comfort of the student. Additionally, a thorough study of dance such as this course builds strength, confidence, and depth of expression that can enhance many areas of life. This course requires regular physical practice and weekly face-to-face sessions with the teacher.


    In the Salsa Basic Level -

    The course includes salsa basic footwork, danced on the rhythm of the numbers 1 to 7.

    The curriculum for this course includes -

    -12 basic steps covered in 7 sessions

    - Duration of each session - 1 hour

    In 6 sessions, the student will be taught about basic steps, and in the 7th class student will be asked to demonstrate and practice the basic steps taught previously. After the completion of the basic salsa course, a student will be able to execute salsa basics for 1 minute on any salsa song.


    In the Salsa Intermediate Level

    After the completion of the basic level of this course, the student will be qualified for the intermediate level. This course is also applicable for the students who already have basic knowledge of salsa from any recognized dance school.

     Intermediate salsa course includes -

    -10 intermediate steps covered in 8 sessions

    - Duration of each session - 1 hour


    About the teacher: Arsh Singh is a known face in the salsa community across the world. He has represented India in several festivals and dance championships, including the “World Latin Dance Cup” and the “World Salsa Summit.” held in Miami every year. He has also performed along with several world-known figures in the Salsa community like Alien Ramirez, and Adriano, and Samantha, and has won several World Championship Titles since 2015. His knowledge of salsa is influenced by the Core Cuban community. His uniqueness as a dancer is a result of his exceptional musicality and ability to follow the rhythm through perfected dance forms. He has participated in many international competitions as a salsa dancer and claimed many wins at world salsa championships such as: World Salsa Summit - Miami, World Latin Dance Cup - Miami, Bangkok Salsa Festival.


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