Santoor Basics for Beginners | Learn to Play Santoor | Introducing Ragas









by Kunal Saha

20 Years Experience

Finalist in India’s Got Talent, 2008. Played santoor in productions like Ishtara and the album Devonix.

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Course Summary

This course is a continuation of the course, Basics of Santoor | An Introduction. It tries to educate students on playing ragas on the Santoor. Students having practiced basic exercises will be guided to learn ragas in this course. Ragas are a very important element in Hindustani classical music. Students will get to learn the structure of a raga and other related information. By the end of this course students will be able to render the taught raga on the Santoor.

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Teacher's Profile

Kunal Saha

Kunal Saha

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Hindustani Classical Music, Santoor
  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Santoor Artiste, Performer, Musician - Music

    Band Owner - Blendz

    Participant (With his complete band- Blendz) - India’s Got Talent (Season 1) in 2008

About the Course

Students undergoing this course will get introduced to an important feature of Hindustani classical music, called the raga. They will be taught the different parts in a raga, things to consider when playing a specific raga. Ragas are classified as per time of day in Hindustani classical music, some are meant for mornings, for evenings or for night. The rendition of these ragas tend to bring out the emotion evident in a specific part of the day. This course will introduce students to raga yaman and to other ragas as the course progresses. Students will also get to learn another important element called tala or the rhythm structure. This course will teach students the basics of teen taal, jhap taal and ek taal. Most of the music created in Hindustani classical adheres to specific ragas and tala structures. Students will through this course learn about the different aspects that influence ragas as well as the tala they can be performed in. Students through this course will also learn techniques that will help them become better santoor artists.

If the student wants to get more insights on the basic nuances of posture, about the built of santoor, the mallets that are used for playing, the right way to hold the mallets etc, here is another course tailored by Kunal Saha: Santoor Basics for Beginners | An Introduction

About Kunal Saha: Kunal Saha like all masters of musical instruments started at an early age of six, training under his guru from the maihar gharana Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya. It did not take long for Kunal to make a stage appearance as he entered the performing stage at the tender age of eight. He started performing at All India Radio from the age of ten. His talent was a shining example, rightfully noted by the ace violinist Pt. V. G. Jog. His desire to earn a name for himself as an artist saw him participate in the popular reality series on color called India’s Got Talent in 2008, where he ended up as one of the finalists. It was after this appearance that his career shot up. Though academically qualified Kunal always wanted to be a musician and so he did. The list of accolades have not seized, as Kunal travels to countries far and wide to present his music. Kunal Saha in 2015 was awarded Young Achiever's award from Shanghati Society U.K, acknowledging the contribution towards spreading hindustani classical music. Kunal in recent time started a sufi band called ‘Afreen’. He is also part of ‘Kounterpoint’, a duo of musicians comprising Soumyajyoti Ghosh on the flute and Kunal Saha on the santoor.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

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515 Online live sessions completed

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