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by Priti Singh

15 Years Experience

Trained under legends Guru Ranjana Shrivastava and Pt. Birju Maharaj. Currently working on a book on Kathak

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: English, Hindi

Course Summary

The Online Semi-Classical Dance Course offers an immersive learning experience for dance enthusiasts who wish to explore the enchanting world of semi-classical dance forms. Combining elements of classical dance with folk and contemporary influences, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics, techniques, and expressions involved in semi-classical dance. Through interactive online classes, video lessons, and personalized feedback, students will embark on a transformative self-expression and artistic exploration journey.

Based on a solid foundation of techniques, aesthetics, grace, and a highly acquired sense of musicality and rhythm, this course will lead the students to a holistic learning experience. 

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Teacher's Profile

Priti Singh

Priti Singh

Experience: 15 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Kathak, Bollywood Choreography
  • Education


    MA (Kathak) from Banaras Hindu University

    BA (Kathak) from Banaras Hindu University

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    HOD - Enatyam India

About the Course

The highlights of the course include - 

Month 1: Introduction to Semi-Classical Dance

  • Overview of semi-classical dance styles and their significance
  • Understanding the fusion of classical and folk elements in semi-classical dance
  • Basic postures, hand gestures (Mudras), and expressions

Month 2: Fundamentals of Footwork and Rhythm

  • Introduction to basic footwork patterns and their variations
  • Exploring different rhythmic ways (Taal) in semi-classical dance
  • Developing coordination between footwork and music

Month 3: Hand Gestures and Abhinaya (Expression)

  • Learning and practicing various hand gestures (Hastas) and their meanings
  • Exploring the art of storytelling through expressive facial expressions and body movements
  • Applying Abhinaya techniques to convey emotions and narratives

Month 4: Classical Elements in Semi-Classical Dance

  • Studying the influence of classical dance forms (such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, or Odissi) in semi-classical dance
  • Integrating classical movements, postures, and techniques into semi-classical choreography
  • Understanding the stylistic differences and nuances between classical and semi-classical dance

Month 5: Folk Elements in Semi-Classical Dance

  • Exploring the incorporation of folk dance elements into semi-classical dance
  • Learning regional folk dance styles and their characteristic movements
  • Integrating folk dance techniques and motifs into semi-classical choreography

Month 6: Compositions and Choreography

  • Introduction to semi-classical dance compositions and repertoire
  • Learning and practicing semi-classical choreographed pieces (Thumris, Bhajans, or Ghazals)
  • Understanding the structure, rhythm, and musicality of semi-classical compositions

Month 7: Musicality and Taal (Rhythm)

  • Enhancing musicality through rhythm exercises and improvisation
  • Exploring different rhythmic patterns and their variations
  • Applying rhythmic variations to footwork and movements in semi-classical dance

Month 8: Graceful Turns and Spins

  • Practicing graceful turns (Chakkar) and spins (Gat Bhav)
  • Developing balance, control, and elegance in turning movements
  • Incorporating turns and spins into semi-classical choreography

Month 9: Costuming and Stage Presence

  • Understanding the significance of costumes and makeup in semi-classical dance
  • Learning about appropriate attire and accessories for different semi-classical styles
  • Enhancing stage presence, poise, and overall performance quality

Month 10: Improvisation and Creative Exploration

  • Encouraging creative expression through improvisation within the semi-classical framework
  • Exploring variations in footwork, hand movements, and expressions
  • Fostering individual artistic expression through guided improvisational exercises

Month 11: Performance Preparation

  • Selecting and refining a semi-classical dance piece for performance
  • Rehearsing intensively to perfect the choreography and expressions
  • Polishing techniques, timing, and coordination for a polished performance

Month 12: Grand Showcase

  • Presenting a final performance to showcase the skills and techniques learned throughout the course
  • Celebrating the journey and achievements in semi-classical dance
  • Reflecting on personal growth as a dancer and setting goals for future development


About the Teacher

With an impressive experience of more than ten years, Priti Singh is well known for performing compelling storytelling through Kathak. She has trained under legends Guru Ranjana Shrivastava and Pt. Birju Maharaj. Born and brought up in Varanasi (UP), Priti Singh is the co-founder of Enatyam. 

Priti has done her bachelor’s and master's in Kathak with a Gold Medal. She has been a visiting faculty at the Symbiosis University of Skill Development. She is currently working on a book on Kathak. Priti has dedicated herself to taking the traditional art form of Kathak to the global level.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

47 Online live sessions completed

47 Online live sessions completed

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World-class masters as teachers

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Course studio that amplifies passion learning

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Access to global creative community

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a  time

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

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Milestone-based learning for best results

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Statement of Accomplishment

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Teacher's performance bits for reference


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