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Learn the Fundamentals of Siddha Veena

This is a 1-on-1, 54-week veena course for beginner students who wish to learn the Siddha Veena. It is an online, live, exclusive course that covers all the basics intricacies.
Siddhartha Banerjee, one of the leading musicians in Veena, prefers taking individual online classes for his students. He will be teaching them the various finger techniques, posture positions, and so on. Students will also be shown how to hold the instrument correctly along with practice exercises. This beginner course has been designed in a simple form so students can understand the process with ease.


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    54 Weeks

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    English, Bengali, Hindi

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    Educator Profile

    Siddhartha Banerjee

    25 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Indian Classical Music, Mohan Veena, Slide Guitar, Hindustani Classical Music, Senia Gharana, Classical music piano music-theory, Electric Guitar, Fusion music, guitar, Hindustani Vocals, hindustani vocal, Indian Music, International Artist, Vocal Percussion, Sufi, Advisor, Author, Ghazals, Grammar, Great knowledge, Harmonica, Harmonium, Indian classical musician keyboardist, Interesting, knowledge, great, nice, fab, Musicianship, Bollywood Singing, World Music, Improvisational Music, guitar for beginners, beginner, Classical vocal, Classical Guitar, classical, Classical sitar, Maihar Gharana, Music, Music Therapist, popular music, Performances, Professional, problem solvers, Professional Speaker, Professional teacher, proffesional singer, Vocals, Vocal Music, Santoor, singing instructor, Veena
    • Education

      Graduate from Veer Bahadur University

    • Work Details

      Artistic Director & Teacher - Sharda Music Foundation New Delhi & Varanasi

    Course Details

    In this 54-week beginner course on Siddha Veena, students will be shown how to hold the instrument and will be taught the different techniques for playing the veena. In addition, the enrolled students will learn how to play simple songs, melodies, and ragas from a renowned veena player and mentor, Siddhartha Banerjee. It is perfect for those who are just starting out with the veena, as this course provides a solid foundation to become a Veena musician. The curriculum of this course will also include, Right-Hand Fingering techniques, Left Hand Postures, Synchronization. Since it is a twelve-month course, students will need to follow the instructions given, diligently, to gain the best results at their learning level. Students attending this course will be benefited from the ability to play Veena in a good way. Those who are new to the instrument Veena will be provided with a leading path to become a musician.

    About the instructor: Your instructor for the course, Siddha Veena Maestro Siddhartha Banerjee is an internationally renowned performing artist, composer & teacher. He is the artistic director of the Sharda Music Foundation, based in Delhi & Varanasi. He is also the creator of"Siddha Veena". He is also the founder of "Riwayat", a unique fusion band, as well as a co-founder of the international project "Magic of Strings" with Guitarist Ole Andre Frastad from Norway. Siddhartha Banerjee has also worked in a Hollywood Film "Peacock Spring" as a Child Actor, he has written a lot of renowned works under the name "Sufi Siddhartha'. He is also the recipient of several awards, some of which include the Saint Teresa Award, Honorary Doctorate from IIOH Kolkata, Saraswat Samman, Sangeet Sadhak Award, NIPA Award, National Gold Medal. His albums have performed well in India and internationally too, some of these being: Inner Voice of Siddha Veena(India), Kashinath (Brisbane), "Siddhi" Meditation with Siddha Veena(India), Drumming Session with Siddha Veena(Queensland), Magic of String(Norway).


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