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Online Billiards Lessons | Learn Cue Sports Live

This online, live course by Pranit J. Ramchandani is an introduction to Snooker. Students will pick up the sport and its various techniques over the duration of 12 weeks. This course is designed for those who are new to the sport and can be customized to each student’s progression over Onlive, exclusive, 1-on-1 lessons on ipassio. Successful completion of this course will leave learners with a fundamental understanding of cue sports and also their contribution.

  • Course Duration

    12 Weeks

  • Course Level

    All Level

  • Instruction Language

    English, Hindi

Available For All Age-Groups

Childern, Youth, Adults, Seniors - All are welcome!


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Educator Profile

Pranit Ramchandani

20 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:

  • Education

    BBA from Gurunanak college

    Master Practitioner from National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Work Details

    Director - ENQ Sports & Entertainment Pvt Ltd

    Master Coach - SightRight Uk Pvt Ltd

Course Details

Snooker is a technique-intensive sport and requires continuous practice and undiluted focus – It’s imperative to adopt a perfect technique to ensure you can play the game to the best of your ability. Cue sports have historically been known as billiards (though in some countries billiards refers to the specific game of English Billiards). It is a general term used for a wide variety of sports played with a cue stick to hit or strike a billiard ball moving them around a billiard table. The sport is believed to have originated from outdoor stick and ball lawn games. Your instructor for the course, Pranit J. Ramchandani offers 10 Coaching Steps: Sighting, Aiming & Alignment Tests & Diagnosis, Sighting Line, Stepping, Stance, Control Zone Drills, Cue Action, Rest Play, Escaping Snookers, Students will be able to achieve a solid basic foundation required to play any Cue Sport of their choice. (Snooker, 8 balls, 9 balls)

About the teacher: For 20 years, your instructor for the course, Pranit J. Ramchandani has been engrossed with Snooker. Pranit desired to teach perfect Snooker, so worked on becoming a fully accredited Snooker Coach, traveling to England to take the course with the World’s Number 1 Coach, Stephen Feeney. Snooker is a technique-intensive sport and requires continuous practice and undiluted focus – It’s imperative to adopt a perfect technique to ensure you can play the game to the best of your ability. Pranit has been very lucky to coach under some of the best in the sport around the world who have helped him develop a solid foundation. Pranit is also a Master Practitioner for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and uses Techniques from NLP to help people achieve their peak potential.


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