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24 Mar 2022

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Bengaluru, India - Nov 18, 2021: In a present hybrid world of 50% outdoors and 50% indoors - individuals across the globe are quickly adjusting to the post-apocalyptic situation from Covid-19. Offices, schools, housing societies, communities, all have now rearranged their routines to fit the new normal. While half of one’s week has been back to careful commuting, the other half has been a continuation of the same lifestyle since 2020. And so, pursuing hobbies has also had its evolution - many now opting to digitally tap into their passions and interests.

The past two years may have restricted physical access to many, but now, with digital, online mediums like ipassio - people from all age groups can now pursue their hobbies from any corner of the globe. Unlike many e-learning platforms, ipassio dedicates its resources to ensure that every learner onboard has a personal, unique, and customized learning experience. Founded in 2015, by entrepreneurs Tanuj Shah (CEO) and Anuj Shah (COO), ipassio stems from an idea that was formed long back.

This platform is the real-time implementation of the founders’ vision - A digital access point of hobby courses, where people from different cultures and backgrounds could teach and learn. Variety is the essence of this one-of-a-kind, e-learning platform where over 360+ courses e.g., online Yoga classes, online Flute lessons etc. are available for all age groups. These hobby courses are available in over 100 countries and are easily accessible through one’s digital devices.


The term ‘ipassio’ is keyed as the letter ‘i’ in the brand name signifies the individuals coming to learn and discover their abilities whereas the latter bit - ‘passio’ - is the Latin term for ‘passion’ - something that everyone associated with the platform is - from the ipassio team to the teachers and learners. ipassio’s trademark hashtag #Pickitupagain suggests how anyone could go back out there and pick that hobby or activity that they left behind in the process of things.

ipassio is currently doing the rounds internationally, successfully having teachers as well as students signing up from different countries. Enrolling students can now choose from a digital set of personalized courses that are distributed over durations suitable for both, long-term and short-term training.

Lessons on this digital platform are taught live, through online, 1-on-1 sessions where the instructors imbibe the best of their knowledge through personalized, custom-made curriculums. Apart from making sure that the student learns in a comfortable manner, the teacher also ensures that the knowledge imparted is implemented in the right manner and with the right skill set.

Join ipassio for a smooth journey with interactive course structures, easy class management, easy student enrolments, easy transaction handling, and individual attention from the experts you learn your skills from online live, 1-on-1 sessions.

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