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This course covers the basics of Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and real-world dialogue over a period of six weeks. Students will be able to learn practical, spoken Spanish for a variety of purposes, including travel, conversation, or international exam training. The course is beautifully tailored to individual beginners by an expert tutor and certified Spanish professional, Medha Kankonkar. In addition, this course may serve as a prerequisite for more advanced courses in the Spanish language.

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Vijayalakshmi Academy of Arts

Experience: 7 Years

From: India

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  • About the Course

    This is an online, live course that is an introduction to the basics of speaking Spanish, best for total beginners seeking a working knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. Students will learn different words and verbs, basic and intermediate grammar, and the most commonly requested dialogues. At the successful completion of the course, students will be able to introduce themselves and others, describe an object or picture, write a letter, talk about past, present, and future events, and understand the convention of the Spanish language. The curriculum would include:
    1. Alphabets (A-Z)Phonetics with the help of Audio (native speaker);
    2. Verb 'SER' - To be; Subject Pronoun(I, You, He, They, etc); Los Profesiones;
    3. Greetings;
    4. Definite and Indefinite Articles - 'THE' 'A' 'AN' eg. The Sun, A girl, etc;
    5. Gender - Masculine, and Feminine;
    6. Days of the week; Months of the Year; Numbers (1-100);
    7Verb 'LLAMAR' - to be called as; Introducing yourself;
    8. Quantifies- Singular and Plural;
    9. Interrogative - Who, What, How (asking questions);
    10. Nationalities - Indian, British, Spanish, etc (asking someone where are they from);
    11. Adjectives - Tall, short, blond, blue-eyed, etc (Describing yourself and others); Vocab - My Family;
    12. Demonstrative Pronouns - 'this' 'that' 'over there' (Pointing out people and things);
    13. Verb 'Estar' - To be (Express location, temporary situations, etc);
    14. Prepositions - 'on' 'under' 'above' etc (describing the location of an object/person/monument);
    15. Possessive Pronouns - 'my' 'his' 'yours'(expressing possession);
    16. Verb conjugation - 'tener' and 'hay' (discussing age, the existence of things in your locality);
    17. Vocabulary - colors, clothes, and food(describing what people wear, describing food, etc);
    18. Present Tense - Regular and Irregular verbs (optional - reflexive verbs); and,
    19. Vocabulary - telling time and describing weather.

    About The Instructor: Medha Kankonkar had been a full-time Spanish Tutor. Her classes are very structured, informative, and fun to be in. She's very friendly and quite patient. She has good hands-on experience with all age groups. She had been teaching Spanish decade and was quite passionate about tutoring the Spanish language.

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