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by Apurba Mukherjee

30 Years Experience

Disciple of late Pt. Shankar Ghosh. Performed in more than 28 concerts in India & 25 festivals abroad.

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: English, Bengali, Hindi

Course Summary

Students will learn more compositions like Kaida, Rela & Laggi in Teen Taal. This will help them to strengthen the foundation laid out during the Beginners Level – 1 & Level – 2 courses. They will learn the Teengun (triplet) and Chaugun ( 4 times of the single speed) of Teen Taal and also how to recite and play that tempo and how to play Kaida’s in that tempo. This will strengthen their Laya and control over Tala and tempo. The students will start learning another Tala, Jhaap Taal – 10 beats. Compositions in Jhaap Taal will also be taught and also some fixed compositions on it, like Tukra, Gat, Chakardar along with Teen Taal. They will slowly understand how to improvise the Kaida & Rela. In Tabla very important part is Bayan, the bass drum. People generally neglect this, but this is the most important part of both the drums. Correct Bayan fingering and modulations will give a high dimension during Tabla playing. So students will learn the techniques of some modulations with Bayan. They will also start learning Dadra Taal – 6 beats, Theka, and some variations of the theka.

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Teacher's Profile

Apurba Mukherjee

Experience: 30 Years

From: India

  • Education

    B.Sc. (Honors) from Asutosh College, Calcutta University

    Disciple from Pandit Shankar Ghosh

  • Work Details

    Secretary & Artistic Director (Charitable work) - "Mangalacharana" - A charitable organisation to support artists and needy people.

About the Course

  1. More composition’s in Teen Taal – Kaida, Rela, Laggi, etc.

  2   In Teen Taal they will learn the Teengun (triplet) and Chaugun ( 4 times of the single speed) of Teen Taal.

  3. Learning of playing the Kaida’s in Teen gun and Chaugun and also how to recite those.

  4. Tishra Jaati Composition will be introduced.

  5. They will be introduced with Jhaap Taal – 10 beats, how to play the theka.

  6. How to recite Jhaap Taal with Taali & Khali system and how to recite it in single and double tempo.

  7. Some compositions in Jhaap Taal – Kaida and how to recite those with a clapping system.

  8. Some fixed composition’s in Teen Taal & Jhaap Taal – Tukra, Gat, Chakardar, etc.

 9. They will start learning the modulations of Bayan, the bass drum. Some part practice to begin with.

  10. Dadra Taal (6 beats) – Theka and some variations.

About the teacher: Apurba is a bright and talented Tabla player in the world of Indian classical music. As a disciple of Pandit Shankar Ghosh, he has performed widely in India and abroad, accompanying well-known musicians of the country(such as Ustad Saiuddin Dagar, Pt. Vinayak Torvi, Smt Purnima Sen, Smt Sanjukta Ghosh, Prof. Mohan Singh, Sri Kushal Das, Sri Kaivalya Kumar Gurav, Sri Partho Sarothi, Sri Partha Bose, Sri Sanjoy Banerjee, and others) as well as composing and performing experimental music projects with musicians overseas.

Some important concerts Apurba has performed in India: Saaz e Bahaar - NCPA (Mumbai), Thumri Festival (Sahitya Kala Parishad, Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi),Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha- Jalandhar, Kumbh Mela- Prayagraj (Department of Culture, Uttar Pradesh Govt.), Dr.Basant Rao Deshpande Smriti Sangeet Samaroh (Nagpur,SCZCC,Ministry Of Culture, Govt Of India), Ravi Shankar Centre - RIMPA Festival (New Delhi),Sangeet Bihaan- Sangeet Natak Academy (Patna), West Bengal State Music Academy Annual Music Festival (Kolkata), ITC Sangeet Research Academy (Kolkata),Santarampant Kirvadkar Smriti Shastriya Sangee Mahotsav, SCZCC, Ministry Of Culture, Govt Of India- Nagpur, Ballygunge Maitryee Music Circle (Kolkata), Basant RituAyee (EZCC, Govt.Of.India),Kala Prakash (Varanasi), SangeetPiyasi, BagbajarAlapan, Shobhabazar Sangeet Sammelan , St.Xavier’s College (kolkata), NTPC (Bihar), Sri Auriobindo Auditorium (Auroville, New Delhi and Pondicherry), IIC (New Delhi),India Institute Of Fundamental Research(Bangalore),Krishna Kriti Festival (Hyderabad),Calcutta Television, Tara Bangla, Kolkata TV & DD Bangla (Television Shows).

Besides playing important concerts in India he has also perfomed in impotant festivals and concerts in various Countries of Canada, Europe and Middle East, such as – Learn Quest Music Conference (Boston, USA),Indian Fine Arts Academy San Diego (San Diego, USA), India Community Center (Rochester, USA), Raga Mala ,Calgary (Canada), Raga Mala, Edmonton (Canada),House Of India (San Diego,USA), Indian Performing Arts Of Charlotte (USA), MIT (Boston, USA), International Mugam Festival (Baku, Azerbaijan), Oriental Landscape Festival (Damascus, Syria), Ali Akbar College Of Music, (Basel, Switzerland),Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt(Berlin), Helsinki University (Finland), Tours University and Conservatory (France),MusseGuimet (National Museum for Oriental Art and Culture, Paris),Les Orientales Festival (France), RASA(Holland), Festival - Bombaysers de Lille 3000 (Lille, France), Bose Blue Note Jazz Fest (Paris), Oslo Opera (Norway),London Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival (Canada), Paleo Festival (Nyon, Swiss), etc.

Workshops and Lecture Demonstrations- Governor’s School in Winston Salem (North Caroline, USA), Governor’s School in Raleigh (North Caroline, USA), Conservatory of Angers – France, International Dance Workshop in Metz (France), Higher Institute of Music (Damascus, Syria), Workshop and demonstration about Indian Rhythm in Tours Conservatory (France), Workshop in Conservatory Departmental Emile Goue (Gueret, France), workshops in Auroville (Pondicherry), Association Bhairavi -France, Association Hidole- South France, Anagath (France), etc.

Apurba has demonstrated different Tala for a CD-ROM, "Antara", which is about the introductions of Indian Classical Music. Maestros like Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pandit Brij Narayan and Smt. Shruti Sadolikar has also performed on this CD-ROM. Collaborations- Apurba composed and collaborated with great musicians for different projects, like with Jamshid Chemirani, Bijan, and Keyvan Chemirani, withPrem Joshua, with Erik Truffaz Quartet, with Erik Truffaz and Malcolm Braff for Indian Project ( BENARES- Cd from EMI-Blue Note), to name a few. Apurba’s style depicts wonderful filigree of thought, imagination, taalim, and riyaaz. 

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Oral notation of tabla comprises onomatopoetic syllables called bols. It was Vishnu Digambar, Vishnu Narayan who created the notation system. These notations are preference based and not standardized.The systems have bols written down in a script such as Devanagari.

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