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Benefits of Yoga when combined with Indian Classical Music

29 Sep 2021


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Benefits of Yoga when combined with Hindustani Classical Music

Life on this continent, even today, is a triple down from the ancient old society, with the unspoken goal of achieving the ultimate level of success.

Unconsciously, every activity we carry out during the day is executed in the pursuit of perfection and achievement.

But where have we pursued inner peace and calmness?

Have we considered stepping aside from the regular race for financial and social success and working on our inner self?

Often clouded as a fictional state of mind, in judgment, most of us have not experienced peacefulness in our day-to-day, busy, hectic lives.

But with the old-age concept of enlightenment through different ancient texts and faiths, the idea of establishing a healthy state-of-mind-and-body through natural methods is making the rounds.

Be it via music, spirituality, natural elements, or ingredients - people are making an effort to gain their inner peace through Mother Nature.

When most of us visit doctors or medical practitioners who believe in natural healing elements and medicines, what are the things they recommend?

They recommend self-healing as the first option, through exercises and different kinds of natural therapy.

Many suggest activities like Yoga - especially while listening to calm, soothing tones of Hindustani classical music. Why so?

That is what we are going to focus on here - the significance and impact of Yoga when intertwined with Indian Classical Music.

Both the disciplines have the same goal

Indian classical music's ultimate goal is also the same as the disciple of Yoga - it aims towards union with enlightenment.

The extraordinary discipline, austerity, and piety that both of these disciplines entail is a testament to their healing ability and the power of their impact.

Yoga is an ancient Asian method that functions on both the physical and mental levels.

Whereas Indian classical music also has ancient Asian roots which helps its followers and students connect to their inner selves on a spiritual and mental level.

Yoga translates roughly to "unity" in the ancient, Indian language and dialect, Sanskrit. The term unity in this context alludes to the merging of oneself and the universal self. 

Indian classical music stems from devotional, spiritual grounds - which testify that the music genre is all about connecting with the source of existence.

Yoga incorporates a wide range of deep breathing, movement patterns, and meditation.

Whereas Indian classical music involves exercises to improve one’s breathing, focus, and concentration.

The two have the same source of origin

The Veda is indeed the source of both Hindustani classical music as well as Yoga.

Indian classical music's ragas have been demonstrated to have a healing benefit on both the body and the mind.

The elements of Indian Raga Music and Yoga Philosophy are fused into one. 

The Yoga methodology, when implemented to Raga ‘Sangeet-Sadhana,' helps a musical performer and listener to be healthy in body and mind.

It allows one to attain a level of ecstatic bliss, and comprehend the ultimate truth of human life. It also assists in the revival of vibrancy in all sectors.

Impact of clubbing Yoga with Indian Classical music

The impact of Yoga Sadhana (dedicated practice) with Indian Classical Ragas contributes to achieving the same level of quality life and contentment.

Precisely, Yoga and Indian classical music are strongly intertwined because they both impact a person's mind and body, contributing to the attainment of mental serenity and bliss.

Yoga is a lifestyle disciple that runs all the way up from the physical to the consciousness.

Indian Classical music, on the other hand, works downwards by soothing the mind, which in turn helps to sustain the body's capabilities.

Regularly practicing yoga modulates a person's breathing, assists in consciousness, and leads to self-realization. 

Music can be enjoyed through listening, singing, or playing an instrument. This aids the person in overcoming his or her anxiety.

Yoga is advantageous for both audiences and musicians of all kinds because it allows them to focus on the complexities of the songs.

Therefore one can attain a deeper level of self or be one with the global self.

On the one hand, yoga aids in the maintenance of body rhythms, whilst music assists in the revelation of one’s inner self.

Yoga and Indian Classical music when conducted together, on the other hand, lead to self-healing and the achievement of absolute contentment. Both offer infinite opportunities for self-awareness and mindfulness.

Both developed and progressed in their ways. Using both in combination or unison, on the other end, is an effective effort to enhance physiological and self-balance.

Especially when combined, the two can help reduce anxiety in individuals or groups, culminating in physical and mental healing.

It promotes relaxation, as well as brings out the best in people. As a result, people generate positive ideas and reach a better level of self-awareness and awareness of their environment.

In addition, yoga and music have no limitations and can be practiced by anybody, demonstrating their immense power to make the world a better place to live and create more peace.

Therapeutic advantages from blending the two

Yoga is based on the idea that everything in the universe vibrates, revolves in a particular way and pattern.

So, when disharmonies arise whenever, our body or our mind's rhythm is out of sync, culminating in the onset of several diseases.

With the help of calm vocal music and spiritual, ambient sounds in Indian Classical Music, we can preserve the balance of our healthy state in our mind and body.

Some of us might be aware that sounds, prayers, songs, and meditations have a positive influence on our brain waves.

Yoga music's sound vibrations and reverberations have quite a therapeutic benefit. It can help regulate our immune system.

When music, movement, and breathing are all in sync, it has a profoundly good effect on the psyche.

Modern studies show that different diseases are psychosomatic.

Not dissolved negative emotions produce blocks in the energy flow in the body.

Yoga prevails when the body and the spirit work in inconsistent harmony, which prevails to a perfect harmony, which leads to the well-being of the body and the spirit.

If you regularly hear Indian classical music while practicing Yoga, you can easily reach an emotional balance.

The power of music relaxes and relieves pain in the body.  

Spiritual, classical compositions help free stress, breathe and experiment with spiritual happiness. 

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