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Yoga with Music

13 Dec 2021


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Yoga with Music

Yoga as a practice and also as a lifestyle has always had this preconceived notion:

that it’s played with a certain kind of music, its practitioners are always in some sort of a calm trance, and most commonly, that it is a very boring activity.

Well, Reader, this article is or you - as it is here to break your stereotypes about the ancient practice. Fun fact: Yoga can even be as fun as you want it to be. 

For instance, did you know that playing calm compositions of instrumental music while practicing yoga can increase your health benefits by a bigger percentage?

Yes, the benefits of yoga with music are something that goes slightly unnoticed and so we are here to emphasize that.

So, when or if you practice Yoga generally, let’s say in your room or at home, is there a general feeling that a little music will be nice?

Now at that point in time, you may feel that it will distract you, but not necessarily.

If the music is at a good, calm pace and it is something that you have heard earlier and really liked, it can enhance your yoga experience.

Because Yoga is something that is not just an activity that benefits you physically, so music acts as a catalyst for your mental tranquility and spirit too.

So reader, go on and read this ipassio article to know the detailed benefits of yoga when combine with music:

Relating Breathing to Rhythm 

Listening to music and doing yoga are activities that, despite their differences, have similar origins: they make us feel good and improve our health.

They both speak the common language of love.

Music is as old as humanity and has remained constant throughout the development of culture within our species.

And just like yoga, studies have shown that music has physiological benefits as well.

Using Flow to Let Go

In a typical yoga class, we approach the idea of ​​"flow" as a kind of letting go and being forgotten long enough to witness their practice experience.

With the breath as a tool and the body as a vehicle, we can anchor ourselves in the present moment.

The practice of yoga was originally intended to bring the practitioner into a meditative state.

It can be determined that a state of flux is, in essence, also a state of meditation. 

Although states of flux are often described as active participation in physical or mental activity, where one experiences some loss of time, external perception, or sense of self.

But the discipline of meditation is actually inherent in nature is pretty positive, as it seems to be.

It allows you to concentrate and increase your focus 

Music is not only good for your health and your mind, but it can also take your focus to the next level when it comes to playing music in the background.

It makes your mind and spirit more perfect for deepening the practice.

In particular, a soft instrument can help you get used to the practice, as most people are not used to being completely silent.

In a day of tiring tasks, yoga with music helps you to relax 

Ultimately, the whole point of yoga is to nourish your body. Relaxation, or Shavasana, is often an important part of yoga.

But sometimes that is not enough to fully grasp it. This is where the music can guide you.

It helps keep your mind clear, you don't get distracted by your own thoughts, and you're less likely to ignore cramps.

Music helps you relax by redirecting awareness to your body.

The right music will act as a great stress reliever 

After a long day at work, it can be difficult to ignore the events of the day when you are completely silent.

Some people listen to podcasts on the way home, some people exercise to relieve stress, but the best thing you can do to make your body comfortable is roll out a yoga mat and put on a stretch playlist.

When you practice yoga with music, it is easier to shift your mind to a more alert and positive state.

It is easier to execute Yoga with music in comparison

You can breathe to the beat of the music being played, making it easier to glide through poses.

Follow the rhythm, the breath, and you can easily get into a better meditative state as you practice.

This rhythm gives you something to focus on and gives you a nice rhythm to follow or relax when you are short of breath.

It releases dopamine when it is practiced with this combination 

Music can point you in the right direction. When you listen to music while doing yoga, you get more oxygen because you are breathing in rhythm.

This helps your body to produce happiness hormones (dopamine) and serotonin, which bring about a calm and happy mood.

Also, this state of mind is perfect for yoga! Combined with exercise, it not only lowers heart rate, but also blood pressure and cortisol levels.

Now, those were the different benefits explained in detail as to how the addition of music while practicing Yoga can help you physically, spiritually, and mentally.

To read the benefits of Yoga when particularly combined with Indian classical music, click here.

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