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by Pritha Majumder

40 Years Experience

Sung songs for Bollywood films like Vaastav, Mohabbatein, Veer Zara, Mere Yaar ki Shaadi, My Friend Ganesh & more.

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: English, Bengali

Course Summary

This online, live course by Pritha Majumder is an introduction to the deepest, most meaningful pointers in playback singing, especially in Bollywood. Students will pick up these techniques and their various intricacies over the duration of 12 weeks. This course is designed for those who are willing to pick up these details and can be customized to each student’s progression over Onlive, exclusive, 1-on-1 lessons on ipassio. Successful completion of this course will leave learners with a fundamental understanding of playback singing and also their contribution to Bollywood Songs and their compositions. 

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Teacher's Profile

Pritha Majumder

Pritha Majumder

Experience: 40 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Indian Music, Keyboard, Harmonium, Bollywood Singing, Playback Singing
  • Education


    Bachelor of Arts from Burdwan

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Singer & Music Supervisor - Perfect Pitch Production

    Singer & Music Supervisor - Shoot at Site Motion Pictures

About the Course

The 1st & 2nd class of this course will focus on improvisation on songs. The 3rd & 4th will focus on the conversion of multiple songs, the 5th & 6th will focus on stage rendition and the 7th & 8th class would be on studio rendition. Continuing with the above, practical sessions in mastering more advanced songs and ragas shall be conducted along with imparting of the tight finesse of rendition, voice throwing, and super-advanced tricks and secrets of playback singing, and hence this course would continue up to 3 months (12 weeks). Students may choose to carry on taking even further advanced lessons if feasible and time-wise convenient for the instructor. Though it has been mentioned that this course would have 2 lessons per week, a student could opt for 1 or up to a maximum of 3 lessons if it suits both teacher and student.

It is one thing to sing for minor performances or private parties and get huge appraisals from your amateur audience of 20 to 50 odd people, that too often comprising friends and family, and altogether another thing to be selected for playback singing by a Bollywood music director, director or producer. Almost every aspiring singer in India has that ultimate goal to sing playback for Bollywood. What, in that circumstance, could be better than learning and mastering the art from a celebrated playback singer herself? The mission and main objective of this course are to conduct a journey in which a beginner is transported to an advanced level and more, while an already advanced singer is carried to the highest professional level of playback singing.

For those unaware, as much as any playback singer may get compensated to record for even a hit film, it can never match up to what he/she makes by performing in a single live concert. However, the remuneration of a singer for a live show depends on what market value has been built from his / her released material, with a special edge if that has been for Bollywood. Hence it is imperative to be able to tackle both studios and live singing with equal efficiency. Though it may sound strange to some, the art of rendition in both these types of occasions are very different from one another. The biggest advantage of this course is that it will train one to sing professionally in the soundproofed room of the studio as well as perform brilliantly on stage before an audience of any size.

About the teacher: Your instructor for the course, Pritha Majumder, is a seasoned playback singer. She has sung for several feature films in different languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya, Bhojpuri, and Nepali. She has also sung for songs from Bollywood films like ‘Vaastav’, ‘Mohabbatein’, ‘Veer Zara’, ‘Mere Yaar ki Shaadi’, ‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar’, ‘My Friend Ganesh’, ‘88 Antop Hill’, and more. She has also contributed her vocals to several TV shows, Ads (Audio / Video), Music Videos, Labels & Albums. She has also toured all over India as well as several other countries to perform live, including the USA, Canada, Netherlands, UAE & Bangladesh.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

69 Online live sessions completed

69 Online live sessions completed

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World-class masters as teachers

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Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

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Course studio that amplifies passion learning

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Access to global creative community

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a  time

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

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Milestone-based learning for best results

Statement of Accomplishment

Statement of Accomplishment

Teacher's performance bits for reference

Teacher's performance bits for reference


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