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by Annapoorna Karthik

20 Years Experience

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Instruction Language

: English

Course Summary

This course aims at providing a strong foundation in Carnatic music. It offers a customized curriculum for learners aged between 5 to over 50 years of age. 

Salient Features of the course :

  • Engaging sessions to keep the interest of the learners up and going especially in the case of kids
  • Monthly discussion with parents/students to brief them about the learning milestones achieved, progress, and challenges faced while learning or practicing. 
  • Suggestions of appropriate corrective measures.
  • Encouraging students to take up Exams/Certifications from reputed Institutions
  • Encouraging students to participate in talent shows/ competitions to exhibit their talents and get recognized at a global level.
  • Homework sheets would be sent to students and feedback will be provided on the work done.

Teaching methodology :

  • Customize the teaching methodology to suit the grasping and retention potentials of the students and their schedules.
  • Undivided attention 
  • Recorded videos will be provided for home practice. 
  • Strict emphasis on daily practice regimes irrespective of all time constraints

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Teacher's Profile

Annapoorna Karthik

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Indian Classical Music, Vocal Training, Advanced Vocals, Classical Singing
  • Education


    M.A Music from University of Madras

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Faculty - Go4Guru, Vidya Subramanian Academy

About the Course

The highlights of the course -

  • Comprehending the concept of Shruthi heuristically till the learner catches it to ascertain the comfortable pitch
  • Voice Culture: Getting Swarasthanas right, Thalam right and aids in developing good breadth control high is key to singing.
  • Sarali Varisai: 3 Speedsin Mayamalavagowlai Ragam to get understanding of the swarasthanas, basics of Laya pattern. ( Can be done in other Major Melakartha Ragas as well).
  • Janta Varisai: 3 Speeds - Provides insight into the Chowla Kaalam, Dvikalai Thalamused in Varnams, Pallavi besides help in the fast rendering of Swaram and sarvalaghu swaras.
  • Dhattu Varisai- Gaining Mastery over the Swarasthanas by rendering the Zig-Zag patterns of swaras
  • Thaara Sthaayi Varisai: Help increase the range of the voice to traverse easily in the higher octave
  • Mandara Sthayi Varisai: Helps reaching the lower octave with ease thereby increasing the voice range.
  • Alankarams: Provide insight into the 7 major thalas ( Sooladhi Saptha thalas ) and various concepts of the Thala Dasa Praanas.
  • Geethams: Introduction to ragas, different Swarasthanas, different types of gamakas, the differentiation and identification of ragas
  • Jathiswaras and Lakshaman Geetham: For exams and better understanding of the raaga
  • Bruga Sadaga Varisai: To get the gamakas properly
  • Swarajathis: Understanding Swara Sahithya patterns
  • Varisais and geethams in Thishram: Introduction to Thishra Nadai

About the Teacher

Smt. Annapoorna Karthik has over 20 years of experience in teaching music. She has trained under the tutelage of Sri. T.G. Badrinarayananin her initial years. Thereafter, she trained with Vid. S. Sowmya at the advanced level. She completed her Master's in Music at Madras University, Tamil Nadu. At present, she is training under the guidance of Prof. Mysore Nagamani Srinath.    

Annapoorna has performed at several music concerts in India and abroad on esteemed platforms. They are -  Indian High Commission, London, UK, London International Arts Festival, UK, and Sri Rama Mandira Malleshwaram, Bangalore - to name a few. 

Annapoorna’s dedication to music and her soulful renditions have been rewarded with accolades. Some of her noteworthy awards include Best Performance by VDS Arts Academy Award consecutively for 2006 and 2007, Outstanding Performance by Ayyappa Seva Samaj Nairobi in 2010, and  K. B.Sundarambal Endowment Award by MGR Janaki college - to name a few. 

Currently, she teaches music online to students from diverse age groups and geographical locations. The students who have trained under her are taking her legacy ahead by making their mark on several concerts and have won several awards. 

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

26 Online live sessions completed

26 Online live sessions completed

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  • Is at a different learning stage

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  • Has a different understanding of rhythm and melody

  • Has different breathing capabilities

  • And a different GOAL!

What you get?

World-class  masters as  teachers

World-class masters as teachers

Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

Personalized & Interactive 1-on-1 classes

Course studio that amplifies passion learning

Course studio that amplifies passion learning

Access to  global creative community

Access to global creative community

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a  time

Pay as you go - 2 classes at a time

Milestone-based learning for best results

Milestone-based learning for best results

Statement of Accomplishment

Statement of Accomplishment

Teacher's performance bits for reference

Teacher's performance bits for reference


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