Fundamentals of Carnatic Vocal









by Jithendranath R

27 Years Experience

A dynamic Sound Designer with 7 years of experience in audio production and creation. Has given voice to several movie songs.

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Instruction Language

: English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam

Course Summary

This course offers the best opportunity for beginners to enter the world of Carnatic vocal music. The course is designed meticulously to lay a profound foundation for one of the most revered traditional music of India - Carnatic Music. 

Designed for students who aspire to be professional singers as well as hobbyists, this course unfolds several musical concepts, voice intonation techniques, and rhythmic knowledge of Carnatic music. The students are initiated with basic concepts in Shruthi (Pitching), Raga (Tunes), Tala (Rhythm), and Voice Modulation.

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Teacher's Profile

Jithendranath R

Experience: 27 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Teacher Skill Keywords

    Indian Classical Music, Vocal Training, Experienced in Teaching, Classical Singing, Light Classical Music, Vocal Basics, Carnatic Vocals, Carnatic Music
  • Education


    B.Com from Mumbai University

    Diploma from School Of Audio Engineering

  • Work Details

    Work Details

    Associate Sound Engineer - Sound.Com - India

    Audio Engineer and Sound Designer - Inframe Productions LLC - UAE

    Creative Director - Visual Masters - UAE

    Music Trainer - Online Carnatic Vocal Classes

    Data Acquisition - Modeler - Cheers Interactive Private Ltd

    Music Educator - Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SaPa India)

About the Course

Level 1 in Carnatic Beginners Vocal training includes:

  • Sarali Varisaigal (1st, 2nd and 3rd Speed) - also refer to as Swaravali Varisaigal is the basic exercise for beginners students for both Carnatic vocals and instrumentals. Different sets of combinations of the swaras are often set in ascending and descending order. It aids in developing a sense of rhythm and helps you to sing at different tempos. 
  • Jantai Varisaigal (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Speed) - It comes as a second lesson that involves double or triple of a single swara. These swaras should be sung with force with emphasis from the first note to the second note. The use of one plain note followed by a forceful second note is a type of gamaka. 
  • Dhattu Varisaigal (Jumping Notes) - It has a zigzag sequence that improves students’ overall command over the swaras. For example - Sa-Ma, Ga-Re, Re-Pa, Ma- Ga, Ma-Ni, Dha-Pa, Pa-Sa, Ni-Dha. The notes jump up and down. The benefit - these exercises will help you to hit the note no matter what their sequence is.  
  • Mel Sthayi Varisaigal (High Octave Vocal Training) - Mel Sthayi is upper sthayi (higher octave). This practice will increase the student’s vocal range. The first is the simplest and gradually new phrases are added to the previous one to reach the higher octave. 
  • Sapta Tala Alankaram with Akara Sadhakam - Emphasis is on the Tala or rhythm. They form the basis of the series of musical exercises - all are designed by Purandara Dasa. These provide the students with comprehensive training in music and rhythmic structure. Alamkaras are called the decorative swaras sung along with the Sapta Tala such as Dhruva, Matya, etc.
  • Students will be also taught short Bhajans, Slokas, and other devotional songs. Such as Vande Santam Hanumantam, Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram.

Level 2 in Carnatic Beginners Vocal training includes:

Minimum 4-5 Geetham based on different ragas - 

  • Sree Gananatha (Raga: Malahari)
  • Analekara (Raga: Suddha Saveri)
  • Kamalajadala (Raga: Kalyani)
  • Janakasutha (Raga: Saveri)
  • Vara veena mrudhupani (Raga: Mohana)

Minimum 2-4 Swarajathis -

  • Rara venu (Raga: Bilahari)
  • Sambashiva (Raga: Kamas)
  • Ravememaguva (Raga: Ananda Bhairavi)

At this level, students learn and understand different ragas of Carnatic Classical Music.

One important tip for the students -

Apart from attending online classes and devoting time to home practice, the students should listen to other vocalists.

After the completion of this course, the students can upgrade to Carnatic Vocals Intermediate Course.

About the Teacher

Jithendranath R has been practicing Carnatic Classical Vocal Music for 27 years now. He is a skilled music teacher who is eager to impart the knowledge of music to aspiring students. Students will learn about the history and vocal techniques. They will also get exposure as performing vocalists. 

Jithendranath R has been teaching Carnatic vocal music for the past 8 years. He is passionate to share diverse music styles and expressions with the students. His teaching style emphasizes strong attention to detail in a creative and friendly style. His curriculum prioritizes student engagement and enjoyment by tailoring classes to suit different learning abilities. 

He is a dynamic Sound Designer with 7 years of experience in audio production and creation. He is also adept at Foley artistry and music selection and composition by providing high-quality sound editing. 

Jithendranath has also done playback singing in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi Languages. To name some of the movies where he has given his voice include - 'Ritu', 'Female Unnikrishnan', 'Romba Nallavanda Nee', 'Moods Of Crime', 'Mumbaikar' etc.

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Available For All Age-Groups

Available For All Age-Groups

374 Online live sessions completed

374 Online live sessions completed

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