Intermediate Level Carnatic Music







by Kamakshi N S

20 Years Experience

Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for Advanced Violin training, 2002.

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Course Summary

'Intermediate Level Carnatic music' is a personalized course building on the lessons covered in N S Kamakshi's basic level program. Students will have one 45-minute lesson every week for 66 weeks, learning more varnams and Keerthanams from various composers. N S Kamakshi is a disciple of Smt Suguna Varadachari, and all students will need to have grasped and understood the basics of Carnatic music to complete this course successfully. It is ideal for students aged 15 and above. 

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Teacher's Profile

Kamakshi N S

Experience: 20 Years

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Carnatic Music
  • Education

    Master of Arts in Music from Madras university

  • Work Details

    Vocalist, Carnatic Musician, Violinist - Music

  • 445 Online live sessions completed

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  • About the Course

    'Intermediate level Carnatic music' takes just over a year to complete, and is taught by one of India's best teachers, N S Kamakshi. Only suitable for students who have completed the basic level course, it will cover Adi Tala Varnam, Ata Tala Varnam and Keerthanams. 


    Keerthanam, also referred to as Kriti, is the name given to a format of musical composition in Carnatic music. A Carnatic concert will usually consist of Keerthanams with one Varnam, Thillānā and Rāgam Thānam Pallavi in the appropriate order. As such, it is a fundamental element of this course, and will be explored in detail. 


    With N S Kamakshi's guidance, students will also learn about Varnam, a form of song consisting of short metric pieces which contain the main requirements and features of a raga. Varnams are usually sung in two tala varieties, Adi Tala and Ata Tala. Ata Tala Varnams, which have a 14 beat cycle, are more advanced and complicated than Adi Tala Varnams, which have an 8 beat cycle.

    About Ms. N S Kamakshi: N S Kamakshi has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing Carnatic music. A well-known vocalist in India, she also plays the violin and has an M.A. in Indian music from the University of Madras. Kamakshi has visual impairment, and hopes to share her love of Carnatic music with her students. Perhaps most known for her Musiri padanthram, she is a disciple of Smt Suguna Varadachari and received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture for Advanced Violin training in January 2002.

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    Carnatic music has one of the most intricate rhythmic systems in the world. There are 108 classical talams, or rhythm cycles, that assist in keeping time when performing a song. Many additional talams have been added over time, bringing the total number to over 175.

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