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An empanelled artist in ICCR & EZCC, Govt. of India.

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Course Summary

This extended Intermediate Hindustani Flute course is the second in an educational series designed and taught by master musician Panchajanya Dey. This course will take place in 60-minute weekly lessons over the duration of 100-weeks. Completion of the instructor's previous course, Hindustani Flute for Beginners, or a basic understanding of Hindustani flute music is required before enrollment. This in-depth class will accommodate hobbyists as well as students aspiring towards a musical career of their own.

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Teacher's Profile

Panchajanya Dey

From: India

  • Education

    Instrumental Music Honours from Rabindra Bharati University

  • Work Details

    Flautist, Performer/Practitioner - Hindustani Classical Music

About the Course

Picking up where the instructor Dey’s previous course left off, this class begins with lessons detailing complex ragas and advanced level guidance through musical ornamentation, including taans, meend, gamakhs, and more. Students will also learn to write their own unique musical compositions in the Indian notation system (Bhatkhandi, Aakarmatrik, Dandmatrick, etc.) Instructor Panchajanya Dey will also guide students through the process of learning different patterns of rhythmic variations (Layakaris), as well as different blowing techniques that will produce a variety of musical effects.

About Panchajanya Dey: Expert flutist Panchajanya Dey began pursuing his musical interests at a young age, studying classical musical fundamentals under Sri Sakti Pada Nag. Panchajanya also learned the 'Gayaki Ang' tradition under the school of Vishnupur Gharana. Dey received his advanced training under Pt. Sanjoy Bandopadhyay and his classical music studies were completed with Smt. Rakhi Bandopadhyay, while Sri Chittapriya Chowdhury provided him with the training of tabla under the school of Benaras. Panchajanya Dey received his education at Rabindra Bharati University and has ten years of performance experience. Panchajanya Dey understands the importance of learning the foundations of Hindustani classical music in its entirety before moving on to popular songs like Bollywood music. This approach ensures the student has the ability to create their own unique sound, as opposed to the limiting practice of mimicking popular melodies.

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Based on the archaeological findings, Flutes are the earliest known musical instruments, as many flutes dating back to about 43,000 to 35,000 years ago have been found in the Swabian Jura region of present-day Germany. This establishes a developed musical tradition existed since the earliest period of modern human presence in Europe.

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