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Did you know? A recent study discovered, hip-hop dance training increased brain activity in the regions responsible for visual attention and the areas responsible for understanding pleasant emotions. Hence, Hip hop dance can enhance cognition and ove...Read more

Citation : Sensui, H. & Nagamatsu, T. & Senoo, A. & Miyamoto, Reiko & Noriuchi, Madoka & Fujimoto, T. & Kikuchi, Yoshiaki. (2016). The effect of hip-hop dance training on neural response to emotional stimuli. 20-29.

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About Online Hip-Hop Dance Lessons

Energy- negative or positive, when streamlined in the right direction, transforms into something beautiful. Hip hop is one of the coolest ways to redirect your energy and bring out the punk personality in you. The dance style took birth in the streets of New York City and has now become popular at an international level. It is an interesting mix of elements of diverse genres of music and arts like B-Boying, Graffiti, MCing, and Deejaying.

Interestingly, Hip-Hop is less about technique and more about attitude and expression. Learning how to incorporate cool moves, understanding the rhythmic beats, and executing a hip-hop performance effortlessly is inexplicably satisfying. With practice, you will not only master one of the most energetic dance styles but you will also be able to develop a virtue that is priceless of all, Confidence!