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Basics of Framing a Canvas

Like musicians tune their instruments before they start playing, Painters or students learning painting can stretch their own canvas. This course is best suited for students who are producing canvas art pieces at regular intervals. It demonstrates to students the ways to mount a canvas on top. Students can ensure that every bit in their art piece is handmade by them starting from the canvas.

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Educator Profile

Anuj Malhotra

17 Years Experience

From: India

  • Education

    from Artist in Residence Program at ISB Hyderabad

Course Details

This course is a must learn for students who create pieces of art at regular intervals. The training provided will enable students to mount their own canvas for their art pieces instead of paying out exuberant sums for the canvas buying it from art supply stores. Some of the other advantages the students will realise undergoing the DIY course on framing a canvas is the choice of material they wish to use for their canvas, the size and even shape of the canvas as well as any other customisation they think necessary for their painting. Buying readymade canvas does not provide the flexibility and more importantly they retail for a hefty price and their quality is poor comparatively. Moreover this also enables one to re-mount and de-mount canvas on frames which help storing and archiving your works conveniently.

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About Anuj Malhotra: Anuj Malhotra is very unlike the usual artist. What sets him apart, is not his work profile but his passion for creativity. Creativity runs in his veins and he very profoundly shares bits of his creativity with the world through his paintings. A distinguished artist Anuj does not believe in the regular run of the mill techniques of painting and art but challenges the boundaries using new mediums, materials and eclecting thought.


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