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Lateral Thinking & Painting

by Anuj Malhotra

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This course is based on a strong premise that creative or lateral thinking is a skill and not a talent. Which means that it can be learnt, provided right tools and resources are used with the right amount of practice.This course trains students to think intuitively and on their own, when expressing themselves on the canvas. The course will make the students practise exercises that free up their minds and creative thinking prowess. As in the case of lateral thinking this course will encourage students to think out of the box and guide them towards creating works which are unique, new and something that they can call their "own" creation.

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    Educator Profile

    Anuj Malhotra

    17 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      contemporary, Modern Painting, Art
    • Education

      from Artist in Residence Program at ISB Hyderabad

    Course Details

    This course will not only help students think out of the box, it will nudge them towards developing newer ideas which can be further translated into new paintings, mediums etc. It will encourage the students to challenge their imaginations and express it on canvas. It will help students identify and utilise material lying around in their homes or available to them for the purpose of painting or creating other artwork. The course will look at breaking down assumptions by motivating students to think on their feet and find solutions away from the usual set norms.

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    About Anuj Malhotra: Anuj Malhotra is very unlike the usual artist. What sets him apart, is not his work profile but his passion for creativity. Creativity runs in his veins and he very profoundly shares bits of his creativity with the world through his paintings. A distinguished artist Anuj does not believe in the regular run of the mill techniques of painting and art but challenges the boundaries, using new mediums, materials and eclecting thought.


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