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How to learn Tamil for beginners?
You could be a student, college goer, or professional who has come to Tamil Nadu from other states in India or from abroad. You could be a school student from a Tamil or non-Tamil background or you might have to travel to Tamil Nadu frequently for professional reasons. In each of the above situations, not knowing the local language can cause major hindrances while getting any kind of work done in an unacquainted locality. Don’t worry. You don’t have to get intimidated by that. Start your journey as a beginner and with the help of a resourceful learning platform, you can ace the language in no time. Interact with the teacher before you sign up for the course and discuss your proficiency level and objectives behind learning the language. Go through the course curriculum to understand if it serves your objectives. As you start advancing in your language learning course try to listen and read narrations, conversations, written passages in Tamil.

Why Tamil lessons from ipassio?
At, these online lessons offer great insight as you get to learn from the best teachers. It uses online technology to conduct live classes for individual students. Expect to find the best curriculum that perfectly suits the needs of learners with diverse proficiency levels. This is a very popular learning platform that has been curated. Here you will find the best resources and study materials. Individual classes are conducted through Skype to ensure a glitch-free learning experience. The best part is that you can record the online class and also ask as many questions to the teachers as you want. Despite being an online learning platform, provides all the benefits of a face-to-face class.