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Learn the intricacies of the Carnatic Veena | Beginner, Intermediate level

This is an OnliVe (online + live), 1-on-1, 30-week veena course for beginner and intermediate level students. This is an online course that covers all the basics of playing Carnatic music on the veena. Students will be shown how to hold the instrument and will be taught the different techniques for playing the veena. In addition, students will learn how to play simple songs, melodies, and ragas from a world-renowned veena player and mentor, Vainika Charumathi. It is perfect for those who are just starting out with the veena, as this course provides a solid foundation to become a Carnatic musician.

  • Course Duration

    30 Weeks

  • Course Level

    Beginner, Intermediate

  • Instruction Language

    English, Tamil

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Educator Profile

Vainika Charumathi

10 Years Experience

From: India

  • Teacher Skill Keywords:

    teaching, Veena
  • Education

    M. Com from Auxilium college

  • Work Details

    Veena teacher - Sri Krishna music Centre

    Veena teacher - Veenanaadham Carnaanadham

Course Details

Students who would enroll in this Veena course for beginners and intermediate-level students will be exposed to the instrumental lessons in Veena, and so, it is recommended for only students who have great interest in detailed training. This course for the two levels is also an introduction to Carnatic music for individuals in string instrumental music, best for those who have not played a string instrument before or are just beginning to learn. Students will begin by learning the different parts of their instrument and their significance, followed by how to properly hold the body and strike the strings and also how to tune their instrument.

Beginners in this course will pick up the basics in their theory curriculum, which will include:

-History & Parts of Veena

- Carnatic Music Theory & basic technical terms

- What is Sthayi?

- Types of Sthayi

- Swarasthanas in veena

- Names of the strings

- How to tune shruti in veena

Whereas in their practical curriculum, beginners will pick up:

- Sarali varisai

- Dhattu Varisai

- Melsthayi Varisai

- Saptha Thala Alankarams

- Jantai Varisai (all the basics will be taught in all the 3 speeds with thalam)

- More exercises will be taught for the student's hand practice.

- Sarali varisai will be taught in different Ragas

Intermediates in this course will pick up much more detailed chapters in their theory curriculum, which will include:

- Raga concept

- Panchadasa gamakas

- Plucking techniques etc...

Whereas in their practical curriculum, intermediate students will pick up:

- Geetham

- Nottu Swaram

- Swarajathi (both Swaram and sahithyam with thalam with being taught)

About the teacher: Vainika Charumathi is a passionate veena player who has contributed to film songs, devotional songs, and famous keerthanas. She has been in the field of music since her childhood by learning Carnatic music. During her schooling, she has participated in several district-level instrumental competitions and has subsequently won many prizes. When she was pursuing her Class 12th board exams, she also achieved her arangetram at Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple - Madurai, back in 2010. When she was pursuing her college degree, she participated in Republic day camp in 2012 - Delhi and won the 2nd prize (group song-Live instrumental ) at the national level. After her college education was complete, she started working as a Veena teacher in Krishna cultural music center - Vellore. She also started her youtube channel "Vainika Charumathi" in March 2019.


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