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Learn Prarambhik Pathakram on Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindra Sangeet commonly known as Tagore Songs, has its own Rhythm and Style. To learn Rabindra Sangeet, it requires special attention to details to bring that flavour and hence the student will be taught some basic Raga and classical music in this course.  Rita Paul will be teaching Rabindra Sangeet with utmost care, especially to the beginners. She will be teaching with classical base also, helping to learn different Ragas, Taals etc.  Rita Ji believes that learning the meaning of Rabindra Sangeet is essential while learning about the song and vocal.

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    Educator Profile

    Rita Paul

    25 Years Experience

    From: India

    • Teacher Skill Keywords:

      Rabindra Sangeet

    Course Details

    The instructor, Rita Paul, has designed the course with Basic of Music, Taal, Raga, and Rabindra Sangeet based on that. Rabindra Sangeet has been divided with various Parjay and course has been designed accordingly keeping in mind that Student can perform the music for various season and festivals. The details of the curriculum have been given below:

    1. Knowledge of Seven Swaras
    2. The idea of Kori and Komal Swaras
    3. The idea of seven That of Indian Classical Music
    4. Learning of Palta in different Taal and Tempo
    5. Bilabal, Kalyan, Khamaj, Raaga (Swaramalika and Chhota Khyeal)
    6. Learning of Taal (Dadra, Kaharba, Tritaal, Ektaal)
    7. Ideas of Parjai in Rabindra Sangeet; and
    8. Some Tagore Song based on various Raga. 

    List of Tagore Song which can be taught during the course:

    • Amra Sabai Raja (Swadesh)
    • Sara Jibon Dilo Alo (Puja)
    • Tomari Gehe Palichho Snehe (Puja)
    • Siter Howai Laglo Nachon (Prakriti)
    • Ore Grihabasi (Prakriti)
    • Noi Noi E Madhur Khela (Prakriti)
    • Sa Katore oi Kandichhe Sokole (Prayer Song)
    • Ami Marer Sagar Pari Debo (Puja)
    • Shyamal Shovana Sravan Tumi (Prakriti)
    • Door Deshi Sei Rakhal Chhele (Bichitra)
    • Ananderi Sagar Hote (Bichitra)
    • Amar Matha Nata Kore (Imon)
    • Darien Achho Tumi Amar (Puja)
    • Etodin je bosechhilem (Prakriti)
    • Badol Bowl Bajai (Prakriti)
    • Oder sathe melao jara (Puja)
    • Ei Lobhinu Sanga Tabo ( Puja )
    • Khol Khol Dwar – (Prem)
    • Tomar Holo Suru Amar Holo Sara (Bichitra)
    • Ai Amader Angane (Anushthanik)

    About the Teacher: Currently, Rita Paul is teaching many students in-house in Rabindra Sangeet. Rita Paul is an Assistant Teacher in Mathematics and also voluntarily took the responsibility for teaching music in School under the West Bengal Government. She is also an ex-lecturer of the Murshidabad Institute of Technology. She has taken her Sangeet Lessons from Renowned Teacher Suchitra Mitra, Sumitra Sen, and Subrata Sengupta and She has also taken her classical Lesson from Pt Jayanta Sarkar.  Rabindra Sangeet: Sangeet Bivakar, Vocal: Sangeet Bivakar, Nazrul Geeti: Sangeet Bivakar, Tabla: Jr Diploma From Bangiya Sangeet Parishad


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