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by Tirtha Bandyopadhyay

32 Years Experience

A National scholarship from the Ministry of Education & an artist for All India Radio.

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This beginner course by Tirtha Bandhopadhyay is an introduction to the tabla, one of the most popular percussion instruments in Hindustani classical music. Students will learn the basics—from the parts of the tabla to playing taalas—over the course of 18 weeks. This course is designed for those who are new to playing and can be customized to each student’s progression over Onlive, exclusive, 1-on-1 lessons on ipassio. Successful completion of this course will leave the beginner students with a fundamental understanding of this classic instrument and also its contribution to many musical genres.

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Tirtha Bandyopadhyay

Experience: 32 Years

From: India

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    Tabla, Teaching
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    B.A from Calcutta University

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    Tabla Teacher - Ganguly College of Music

  • 22 Online live sessions completed

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  • About the Course

    This long-term tabla course for beginners will begin with the talented Tirtha Bandhopadhyay teaching you the different tabla parts and their purpose, followed by learning some of the basic bols. Bols is the different sounds produced by the Tabla (Indian drums) when striking them in a certain way. These notes are then used to play different types of compositions—like kaida, rela, tukra, and chakradar. Further along in the course, the instructor will teach the concepts of tala and theka—the basics of rhythm—and students will learn a few of the more common taals. By the end of the course, students will be able to play taalas such as teen taal, keharwa, and dadra. Moving on, these students will be taught some basic exercises to get the feel of the tabla and to exercise the fingers. Next, students get to learn about teen taal, a 16 beat rhythmic cycle. Teen taal, also referred to as the king of taalas is a preferred tala for musicians especially as a solo artist. Students will get to practice basic compositions in teen taal to get them accustomed to the emanating sound and finger movement. This customization will increase retention and enjoyment for any student. By the end of the 18 weeks, this course will have provided a strong foundation of knowledge and technique from which students can grow and build on.

    About the teacher: Your instructor for the course is Tirtha Bandhopadhyay, the acclaimed Tabla player. He teaches Tabla at all levels through ipassio. Music and playing this classic musical instrument is his life and passion. Mr. Bandhopadhyay has been awarded by Doverlane Music conference, State Music Academy, Prachin Kalakendra (Chandigarh). He has also received a national scholarship from the Ministry of Human Development and has also been part of regular artistic ventures from All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan Television. Additionally, he has also toured several times to the USA, UK, Germany, etc. to play Tabla solo and also accompanying so many renowned artists. 

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    Oral notation of tabla comprises onomatopoetic syllables called bols. It was Vishnu Digambar, Vishnu Narayan who created the notation system. These notations are preference based and not standardized.The systems have bols written down in a script such as Devanagari.

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