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by Judy Rodman

20 Years Experience

#1 Billboard Chart Single (Until I Met You), 1986.

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Course Summary

Judy Rodman will teach students at the professional level how to push themselves to take it all the way. This 12-week course is perfect for students who are already very qualified singers and are potentially interested in pursuing a career in the music or entertainment industry. Using specific vocal techniques she has perfected over her 20-year career, Judy will help students to reach their vocal heights and propel them to the top of their artistry.

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Teacher's Profile

Judy Rodman

Experience: 20 Years

From: United States

  • Teacher Skill Keywords

    Voice Teacher, Vocal Producer, Live Performance Coach, Vocal Coach
  • Work Details

    Vocal Coach, Recording Artist, Stage And Television Performer, Public Speaker, Author, Songwriter, Musician, Studio Producer - Music

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    This particular teacher is already a hit among our students.
  • About the Course

    Judy will begin her 12-week course by assessing the student's vocal strengths and weaknesses to get a gauge of where improvements, if any, can be made. This assessment will help her to identify and teach each individual student a specific technique or group of techniques that will help correct any weakness and optimize their vocal abilities. These techniques are designed to conquer these issues for good and maximize not just the mechanical aspects of your singing but also the artistic concerns. Topics Judy will address with students include breath, breathing, opening the throat, and better communication techniques which will enable them to perform at their peak level. Judy will also utilize student's anatomy, some imagery, and vocal exercises to help them to understand exactly why and how these techniques they are learning will help to improve their abilities. Beginning with a student's immediate vocal ability, Judy will also identify and help them to stop any vocally abusive habits they have and start to learn how to protect the health of their voice. This course also includes specific training for the recording studios as well as on a live stage. Students should have some vocal recording studio or live stage experience.

    Studying and applying this course will improve your voice in the following ways- (1) You'll learn how your voice works and why you want to do certain things; how you can assist your voice and how to free it from tension; (2) You will learn to use your breath power so efficiently that you never experience vocal strain, even from long shows; (3) You will gain richer resonance and more tone options for expression; (4) You'll learn how to completely mend unwanted breaks; (5) You will gain precise control of pitch, volume, vibrato and rhythm; (6) You'll learn style nuances and vocal licks that enhance your delivery; (7) You'll learn to phrase more communicatively and enunciate more clearly in ways that fit your genre; (8) You will learn how to perform authentically, much like a great actor going into character for each song; (9) You'll learn how to channel your mind/body/voice into laser beam focus. This single-minded intention determines your choices of tone colour, volume, vocal licks and articulation to get the exact response you want. You will learn magnetic stage presence;

    (10) You'll learn what to do with your hands when you perform; (11) You will learn mic technique to maximize your vocal control; (12) You'll find out how to wear/hold/play your instrument in ways that increase your vocal ability instead of sabotage it; (13) You'll get incredibly effective studio vocal techniques to perform the best studio vocals of your life; (14) You'll learn techniques for dynamic stage performance and stage presence; (15) I will teach you vocal exercises targeted to your specific needs to help you maintain and internalize the new vocal techniques you need; (16) You'll also get a short warmup routine you can do when you're pressed for time or in between sets; (17) You'll get help singing the songs you want to - including help with choosing keys and tempos; (18) You will get help with whatever your particular vocal issues or goals may be.

    About Judy Rodman: Judy Rodman is an award-winning vocal coach, recording artist, stage and television performer, public speaker, author, songwriter, musician, studio producer and vocal consultant with 5 decades of success in the music industry.  Judy Rodman trains voices in all contemporary music genres as well as the speaking voice. Working with beginner to profession level voices, Judy specializes in training both singing and speaking voices for studio and stage, maximizing vocal performance impact and conquering vocal strain.  Her teaching strengths include her experience, her understanding of the fine details of the vocal process, her intuition in diagnosing problems and her creative approach to finding solutions. Significant vocal improvement can be expected from the very first lesson on.

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