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Vocal coaching with Neil Breeden

by Neil Breeden

Over the course of three 60 minute weekly classes, students will work with Neil Breeden to help improve various aspects of their vocal abilities. Any level between casual and professional singing is welcome as even the greatest singers can still benefit from trying to improve upon their talent. Neil will help students with many different singing issues which they may face such as pitch, breathing techniques, range, vocal strain, power and the quality of their voice.

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Neil Breeden

30 Years Experience

From: United States

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Course Details

Neil will work with each student to maximize their abilities and working through any weaknesses in their voice. Students will work on various aspects and methods to help create a healthier singing voice. Many of these problem areas stem from an inability to breathe correctly when singing. Neil will teach students an easier way to breathe while singing which can eliminate this issue. Other issues, such as pitch, seem like incredibly difficult problems to solve. However, following Neil's methods, students will learn very specific ways in which to overcome any pitch related issue. Other issues, such as power and range, can be a reluctance or confidence issue. Neil will help the student not just become a more confident singer, but also unlock the power and range their voice holds. 

About  Mr. Neil Breeden: Neil Breeden is a singer and voice teacher with over 30 years of experience both as a teacher and as a performer. While most of his teaching experience has been in his private vocal studios in New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee, he has also been on the voice faculty of The King’s College in Westchester County and the New York Voice Faculty, The Berkshire Choral Festival in Sheffield, Massachusetts. As a performer, Neil has traveled the world performing operatic, oratorio and symphonic pieces as well as holding or coaching in many masterclasses all across America.


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